Less is More with Retrospectives

The aim of agile retrospectives is to come up with improvement actions. Having too many actions from retrospectives makes it harder for teams to improve, it’s actually better to come up with less actions in stead of more in a retrospective. It’s quality over quantity for actions. Here’s some ideas on how to come up with less actions to get more done. Continue reading

Getting Into Reflection Mode

I chaired a session about getting into reflection mode at the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering 2016. In this session we discussed what facilitators can do to help people to look back and reflect in an agile / Scrum retrospective meeting or at other occasion where they want to learn from how they are doing. Continue reading

Agile retrospective exercise for a new team


I regularly get questions on agile retrospectives, which I’m more than happy to answer. In this blog post I’ll discuss the question that I got from someone who attended one of my workshops on valuable agile retrospectives. He was planning a retrospective with a new team, and wanted my advice on which exercise to use and how to facilitate the retrospective. Continue reading

Guest blog: 4 Reasons Why to Focus on Scrum for the Success of Distributed Teams

I met Hugo Messer a couple of years ago, when I connected with Bridge Global who started publishing guest posts from me. We talked about working with remote teams to find out that our thoughts on this are quite similar. In this guest post Hugo explores how Scrum can help distributed software development teams. Continue reading

Yes in agile means that you will deliver

NO and YES are two simple words, yet practice shows that professionals often have difficulties in using them. Actually it’s very easy, certainly when you want to work in an agile way. Dare to say NO when you are unsure if you can do what’s requested. When you say YES it means that you will deliver the product, on time with the right quality. Continue reading

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