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BenLindersWelkom bij Ben Linders Advies. Wat kan ik voor je doen?

Er voor zorgen dat organisaties effectiever en sneller software kunnen ontwikkelen en managen, dat is waar ik goed in ben. Met continue verbetering door het toepassen van o.a. Agile, Lean, Retrospectives, CMMI en het People-CMM. Zodat teams waardevolle software producten en services op tijd kunnen leveren aan hun klanten. Ik focus daarbij op kwaliteit, processen, samenwerking, communicatie, professionalisering, en vakmanschap. (For English, please see my Services).

View Ben Linders's profile on LinkedInMijn dienstverlening:

Ik ben een samenwerker, gedreven, ondersteunend en pragmatisch. Mijn uitgebreide kennis en ervaring pas ik toe om de bijdrage van R&D/IT te verhogen, en professionals te helpen bij het leren en toepassen van nieuwe vaardigheden. Om je nog beter van dienst te kunnen zijn, heb ik enkele gerenommeerde partners waarmee ik samenwerk.

Ik kom graag met je in contact om samen te kijken wat ik voor je kan doen?

 +31 6 2901 3863
 [email protected]
 Ben Linders

Wat zeggen mijn klanten (LinkedIn)

During the time when we tried to implement Agile for the Multimedia Business unit at Ericsson, I had the opportunity to work with Ben looking at way to simplify the impementation. Ben was a great consultant to work with, we used Agile even when we developed process and Ben was always on time for his part of delivery. He is quite knowlegeable with Agile and bold in his ideas to make the process simple. The "Ericsson flavored" Agile is now implemented accross the board in Multimedia group of several hundred SW developers and Ben was a big contributor to this effort. I would [...]
I've had the opportunity to work with Ben for our unit's quality improvement initiative, and I'm glad to recommend the commendable work Ben has done towards it. Right from the initial kick-off phase till the end and during the follow up phase, Ben's approach and deliverables are top notch. The way the assignment was handled per the contract and the deliverables were really satisfactory and the PDM method adopted also brought in good results in terms of visualization and also to act on the issues. This also set the base on handling potential future bugs. To summarize, Ben's work and the [...]
Ben was the project leader of the first project that I did as software engineer. We developed software for a milling machine which consisted of a complex mathematical problem. At this time Ben helped me to apply rigorous software engineering techniques and thus I learned the difference between making a software program and doing software engineering. Besides that Ben was a devoted project leader, it was also very pleasant to work with Ben. Since that period I have met Ben on several occasions at Software Process Improvement conferences. I have known him to be a pragmatic process [...]
I have been working with Ben for several years and appreciate his drive for continuous improvement. His motivation and experiences will definitely show up and help to further expand the role of SPIder.
To whom it may concern, I worked with Ben in a global scale R&D process improvement project at Ericsson. Based on his knowledge Ben has always bright ideas and I think that he is really contributing to our team's progress and success. BR, Dan-Magnus
Ben Linders is always willing to share his knowledge and experience and he does this in a pragmatic, concrete way. The papers he has published are easy to understand and apply. We have measured Faults-Slip-Through in our projects for several years. This method has been used within Ericsson and Ben is an authority in this area. After several years of mail correspondence we had the pleasure of meeting Ben in Amsterdam in April 2010. We discussed various measuring methods and change management in general. Ben was willing to share his hands on experience of both success and pitfalls. He [...]
Ben has shown great drive in succesfully implementing quality systems in complex organizations. I've been working with Ben for more then six years and in those years we had quite some successes (CMM level 3, agile quality management, project defect model). I recommend Ben highly and respect him for his broad knowledge in software process improvements and drive in realizing his innovative ideas.
I attended the first change management training pilot Ben held and was impressed by the knowledge and experience Ben has built up since leaving Ericsson. He has vast experience in change management, agile and how to facilitate and coach transformation in both in organizations and individuals. I would recommend him for in-house training, workshops, agile implementations and projects and initiatives that impact organizations or employee's.
I've had the pleasure of working with Ben on a number of occasions. I first met him when he came to from The Netherlands to my organization (Software Engineering Institute) to work on-site as an Affiliate. Since he is the President of SPIder (Dutch SPIN -- Software Process Improvement Network), and I worked closely with the worldwide SPIN coordinator at my organization, I witnessed his desire to improve the state of the practice of software measurement and process improvement. Additionally, I worked with Ben on at least two other occasions when he volunteered his time for two days [...]
I worked with Ben at InfoQ, and found that he was a skillful editor as well as a technically knowledgeable engineer. Actually as an article writer, I learned a lot from him. I'd like to work with him again if I have opportunities.
I have known Ben Linders for many years and more recently had the pleasure of working closely with him to organise three co-located conferences in Netherlands focused on software development and process improvement. Ben has been fantastic collaborator in the event - his deep knowledge of the subject matter, latest trends and the marketplace in general is impressive and it is clear he has a genuine passion for better process improvement. Ben is one of the first people we contacted with the idea of holding conferences in mainland Europe – right from the start he was an invaluable source of [...]
Ben is an inspiring colleague and is capable in making his environment better. Without any hesitation Ben shares his wide knowledge on the terrain of quality management with others. As a specialist in this area, I see concrete results of the added value of Ben in our organization.
Ben’s work with us as an Affiliate here at the SEI has been quite valuable for all concerned. He brought considerable practical insight to the work that he instigated with us on modeling quality factors and process performance. Moreover, his excellent work ethic is matched by his proficiency with the measurement and simulation methods that underlie that work. He is a very quick learner too, as evidenced by the ease which he mastered the survey research methods and tools that we used in support of the work.
I have worked with Ben for more than two years as his manager. Ben is extremely professional in everything he does. Ben has very strong capabilities in the operational development and consultancy areas. He masters on a conceptual level, how to improve a development organisation as well as setting up measurements systems and executing on them. Ben has well developed skills in facilitating groups of people (on all levels) with multiple types of interventions (brainstorms, retrospectives, root cause analysis, etc.). Ben has an extensive network involving contacts with the best OD&Q experts [...]
Ben Linders has significant experience in Application Development and CMMi. I had an excellent learning session from Ben on Business Focused CMMI, Process Deployment, and Agile Process Improvement. Ben is very eager to share his knowledge and experiences. Ben has published many papers which are useful and can be easily applied in various scenarios.
From 2004 till 2007 I have already been working with Ben in the Ericsson Software Development Organization. I see him as a very experienced person in the field of process management and quality assurance. For that the reason I was glad to offer him a contract in the organization where I am currently working. Ben is a guy who is able to make complex stuff easy and down-to-earth. Due to his flexible attitude he is able to tailor his ideas to the specific needs of an organization. It has always been a pleasure working with Ben. Niek
Operational Development & Quality has been taken up by Ben in our Ericsson organization with great enthousiasm and drive. I have experienced Ben as a good analyticus, driving processes and methods as used within the R&D organization to a higher level.
As an editor, Ben tirelessly provides invaluable and constructive feedback. His reviews and attention to details has helped me create articles of a high quality that I am proud of. I would gladly work with Ben again!
With his enthousiastic approach, his knowledge and experience w.r.t. Process Improvement and his enormous drive, Ben realized a substantial growth of the Dutch SPIN in quality as wel as in members.
Ben worked with our Measurement team at the SEI during the past 18 months in the pursuit of piloting a number of measurement techniques at Ericsson. Ben has been very active in conducting literature search and establishing additional industry contacts related to Bayesian Belief modeling for process improvement. Ben also enrolled in the SEI MPDI-I class which is equivalent to Six Sigma Green Belt training. Ben also piloted and presented results of using Monte Carlo simulation within process improvement.
Ben is an Quality expert with a broad spectrum of expertise. Ben is a real networker who has set up a company wide network of quality professionals, and inspired them to set goals and take action. Ben's key words are collactivity, involvement, professionalism and coorperation. Getting the right things done with a perfect quality.
Ben defined the scrum setup and governance in the PLM program (including way of working and collaboration between teams), establish the agile team (like onboarding team members, setting up team charters and Definition of Done), supported the Product Backlog management and sprint planning
Ben is a (pro)active member of the Agile Overheid (Agile Government in English) core group. With his knowledge and experience from working in organizations like the SPIder network he delivers valuable input on how to organize the board for the growing Agile Overheid community. Ben is an active blogger for the Agile Overheid website, a regular active participant of the Agile Overheid Open Space conferences and he also gives the Agile introduction course at our Agile Overheid Open Space conferences. Ben is a good think tank with a profound knowledge of Agile and Lean, he always comes [...]
Ben is responsible for Operational Development and Quality, specially in quality his knowledge and professional behaviour are outstanding, Quality is Ben's live, spend own time to join in a university program to use Six Sigma to support improvement projects. The other topic is PDM (Project Defect Model) where Ben is the power behind this with extreme good results."
I worked with Ben from 1998 to 2001. With his solid knowledge of software engineering methods, quality standards and process management in general and his skills to implement these effectively in the organization, Ben has been an important contributor to the maturity and success of the organization.
Ben has a wide knowledge base on what quality is for software development and he is very good in translating the theory into practices for your project.
Ben is the kind of person you want to help you improve your process. He strikes the right balance between pragmatism and discipline, between theory and practice. He is perseverant, he likes to share what he learns and he keeps himself up to date by being involved with the process improvement community through his work with the SEI and the Dutch Software Process Improvement Network. While in Ericsson we collaborated in the application of defect projection models in large industrial settings and in the promotion of quantitative techniques to software engineers and managers alike. I [...]
I know Ben as very persistent in pursuing goals to success. This quality together with his high level of professionalism make him the right (SPIder)man at the right place.
I know Ben as a very competent person, looking to both his knowledge and experience on the wide field of quality and quality management. He applies that asset in daily business and particularly in audits bringing real added value for the company. He is a real professional
Ben is a guy who gets done what he needs to, chasing people like a terrier. Based on knowledge, persistence and consultancy skills he worked on CMM & configuration management & processes & quality tasks. This with qualitative and quantitative results.
@ veranderproject I found a nice mix of systemthinking and practical creativity. Ben has it all under control
Ben is the man for quality issues on software and processes. He has a lot of knowledge which he also likes to share with others working in the same field, like the Dutch Spider group where he now acts as president.
Aligning the business needs with IT delivery. That’s where the master classes ‘Business IT Alignment’ was all about. During the numerous pauses Ben brought up lots of related thesis and practical cases to sharpen the mind. Different angle of incidences during the discussions result in valuable insights. Above all Ben is a great person with a lot of humour and friendliness.
Samenwerken met kernleden als Ben Linders maakt het werken voor Agile Overheid voor mij bijzonder leuk en leerzaam. Ben is een sterke steunpilaar van Agile Overheid en een echte gangmaker binnen onze community. Hij komt frequent met hele goede ideeen, weet de kerngroep altijd te stimuleren en inspireert op onze Open Spaces altijd. Als ervaren bestuurslid geeft Ben ons heel frequent goede bestuursadviezen en mede dankzij zijn helpende gedachtengoed groeide Agile Overheid snel qua organisatie. Agile Overheid is zeer content met Ben Linders als inspirerend lid van onze kerngroep. [...]
I was really happy when Ben joined the management team of the People CMM working group. I've known Ben already for many years and have come to respect his knowledge but even more his enthousiasm. When Ben commits to a task he is not just involved but into the work with full dedication. I am looking forward to continue our cooperation.

CV Ben Linders

Ben Linders
Senior Consultant Kwaliteit, Agile, Lean, en Continue Verbetering
Tilburg Area, Netherlands | Management Consulting

Er voor zorgen dat organisaties effectiever en sneller software kunnen ontwikkelen en managen, dat is waar ik goed in ben. Met continue verbetering door het toepassen van o.a. Agile, Lean, Retrospectives, CMMI en het People-CMM. Zodat teams waardevolle software producten en services op tijd kunnen leveren aan hun klanten. Ik focus daarbij op kwaliteit, processen, samenwerking, communicatie, professionalisering, en vakmanschap

Co-auteur van "Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives - A Toolbox of Retrospective Exercises".

Opdrachten die ondermeer uitgevoerd zijn:
• Agile implementatie in een programma met Business en Development teams
• People CMM Workshops en HRM / Management assessment
• Coachen Agile teams, Product Owner & Program Manager in gebruik van Scrum, zelfsturing, retrospectives
• Trainingen, lezingen en workshops in o.a. verandermanagement, continu verbetering, Agile/Scrum, Lean
• Advies mbt Agile & CMMI, SWEBOK, Agile Retrospectives
• Implementatie Root Cause Analyse en kwaliteitsmetingen tbv kwaliteitsverbetering

• Rollen: Agile/Lean/Proces coach/mentor, Scrum Master, Verander (project) manager, kwaliteitsmanager, trainer, auditer, adviseur, organisator en facilitator van evenementen, netwerken en workshops
• Continue verbetering met Agile, Scrum, Lean, CMMI, Kwaliteit, People-CMM, INK, ISO 9001, foutanalyse, Kanban, reflectie & intervisie, Six Sigma, Prince-2, Borging, Real QA.
• Positieve Psychologie aanpak voor continue verbetering: Oplossingsgericht Werken, Waarderend Onderzoek (Appreciative Inquiry), Happiness Index, Vieren van Successen en andere Motiverende en Fun manieren van werken
• Voorzitter/oprichter/(bestuurs)lid van diverse vaknetwerken en –verenigingen, uitgebreid internationaal netwerk

Journalist voor Agile (2012 - Present)
Privately Held, 51-200 employees, Computer Software

InfoQ is een on-line nieuws en community website die als doel heeft om software ontwikkelaars te ondersteunen. Ze doet dit dmv het verspreiden van kennis en innovaties voor enterprise software ontwikkeling.

Voor mijn news items, artikelen, book reviews en interviews bij InfoQ, zie http://www.infoq.com/author/Ben-Linders

Oprichter / Bestuurslid (2012 - Present)
Agile People & Organization Improvement

De werkgroep Agile People & Organization Improvement is een Community of Practice waarin professionals hun kennis en ervaringen met het toepassen van Agile delen. De werkgroep richt zich met name op HRM en Management aspecten.

Initiatiefnemer & Trainer (2011 - Present)
Public Company, 1-10 employees, Information Technology and Services

Veranderproject.nl ontwikkelt een leergang verandermanagement voor projectmatig veranderen in de ICT. In onze leergang bieden we je de theorie van veranderen, én laten je het veranderen zelf ervaren! We zetten graag met jou ‘onze voeten in de modder’ en gaan onderweg. Om dit te bereiken zijn onze modules interactief, en gebruiken we b.v. gaming om de praktijk zo dicht mogelijk te benaderen. Verder benutten we de sociale media voor het delen van kennis en ervaring, op onze website veranderproject.nl, en in de LinkedIn groep veranderproject, die exclusief is voor onze cursisten.

Veranderproject, de menselijke maat in veranderen!

Senior Consultant Kwaliteit, Agile, Lean en Continue Verbetering (2009 - Present)
Ben Linders
Public Company, Myself Only, Management Consulting

Specialisaties in kwaliteits- en procesverbetering, agile, lean, en organisatie-ontwikkeling.m.b.v. Agile, CMMI, Foutanalyse en Preventie, Lean Six Sigma, People-CMM, Feedback, Reflectie en Intervisie, mensgerichte professionalisering.

Adviseur, trainer & coach/mentor, Scrum Master, Programma/Project support.

Klanten in R&D, Verzekering, Consultancy, Telecommunicatie, Overheid, Gezondheidszorg en Embedded Software.

Ik deel mijn ervaringen via Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo en op mijn blog www.benlinders.com.

Agile & Lean Adviseur Kernteam (2010 - 2013)
Agile Overheid

Agile Overheid is het Nederlandse kennisplatform voor het delen van ervaringen met Agile in de Overheid en Non-Profit. Betere projecten, hogere productkwaliteit en lagere kosten, met Agile. Kennisdeling over Agile, Lean, Kanban, Retrospectives, Scrum, XP, Kwaliteit, HNW, etc

Docent (2009 - 2013)
Delft TopTech
Educational Institution, 11-50 employees, Higher Education

Docent Master of IT Management: http://bit.ly/lr9ZIJ
Toepassen van Agile CMMI voor Kwaliteit en Continue Verbetering

Bestuurslid (2009 - 2012)
SPIder werkgroep People CMM

Mede-trekker van de SPIder werkgroep People-CMM. Focus op de menselijke factor bij organisatie verbetering, op het snijvlak van HRM en Management.

Verandermanager (2009 - 2011)
Nonprofit, 1001-5000 employees, Information Technology and Services

Verbetering van kwaliteits en procesmanagement, middels samenwerking en professionalisering.

- Vergroten transparantie en zichtbaarheid van de kwaliteits- en procesondersteuners
- Opzetten en faciliteren van een organisatiebreed netwerk van kwaliteitsprofessionals
- Verbetering samenwerking en communicatie, maken van verbinding, win-win
- CMMI Assessments, continue verbetering en borging van proces- en kwaliteitsmanagement
- Toepassen van reviews en kwaliteitsrapportage
- Lerende organisatie: Coaching, ontwikkelen van professionals, feedback

Onderzoeker Kwaliteit, Meten en Analyseren (2006 - 2009)
Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon University
Nonprofit, 501-1000 employees, Computer Software

Onderzoek van meten van kwaliteit, en besluitvorming bij foutpreventie. Lean Six Sigma, Kwaliteitskosten, Business Case voor Kwaliteit, Verbeteren van eisenmanagement mbv Agile. Verbonden aan Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.

Manager Kwaliteit en Continue Verbetering (2004 - 2009)
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Telecommunications

Interne Adviseur / Manager van verbeterprogramma’s:
• Definitie van doelen, afgestemd op strategie. Vergelijkend onderzoek, Balanced Scorecards, Kwaliteits SLA, Lean.
• Implementeren van kwaliteitssysteem: Processen, projecten/portfolio, metingen, trainen en coachen.
• Uitvoeren verbetertrajecten: Business cases, internationale verbeterprogramma’s mbv agile/scrum, verandermanager.
• Auditen, benchmarken, en probleemanalyse van productfouten en projectverstoringen, agile retrospectives.

Voorzitter (2005 - 2008)
SPIder (Dutch SPIN)
Project Kwaliteitsmanager en Continue Verbetering (2000 - 2003)
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Telecommunications

Kwaliteitsmanager, project-, product- en procesverbetering:
• Definiëren, meten en analyseren van kwaliteitsdoelen, rapportage, opvolgen van akties.
• CMM(I) assessments, audits, risico-analyses, probleemanalyses.
• Project Kwaliteitsmanagement Procesdefinitie en implementatie, reviews en inspecties, mijlpaal checks.

Consultant (1986 - 2000)
ICT Automatisering
Public Company, 501-1000 employees, Computer Software

Diverse opdrachten / rollen voor multinationals: Kwaliteitmanagement, Testen, Procesverbetering, Project- en Teamleider, trainer, coach.

Procesverantwoordelijke (1996 - 1999)
ICT Automatisering
Public Company, 501-1000 employees, Computer Software

Verantwoordelijk voor de ondersteuning en verbetering van ontwikkelprocessen voor een CMM niveau 3 organisatie:
• Definitie en wereldwijde ondersteuning van een Object Oriented software proces.
• Assessments, proces implementatie, workshops, training & coaching.
• Metingen voor CMM niveau 4: data verzameling, analyse en (project) rapportage.

Project Configuratie- en Kwaliteitsmanager (1994 - 1999)
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Telecommunications

Project staf rollen in medior en grote projecten:
• Kwaliteits-, configuratie- en requirementsmanagement, ontwikkeltools en –processen, mijlpalen, audits.
• Coachen van project managers en project staf in planning, processen, kwaliteit, etc..

Software Ontwikkelaar / Projectmanager (1986 - 1994)
Public Company, 10,001+ employees, Hospital & Health Care

1992 - 1994: Philips Audio, DCC ontwikkeling, Project/Kwaliteits/Test Manager & SPI coördinator

1986 - 1992: Philips Numerical Control (Industrial Electronics), Ontwikkelaar & Proces/Kwaliteitsverbetering, Team leider, Project Manager

Software Ontwikkelaar / Tester (1984 - 1986)
Former Stork B.V.
Privately Held, 10,001+ employees, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Skills & Expertise

Team Building, Root Cause Analysis, CMMI, Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma, Kanban, Auditing, Software Measurement, Coaching, People CMM, Retrospectives, Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Software Quality, RUP, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Process Improvement, Change Management, DMAIC, Governance, TQM, Operational Excellence, Public Speaking, Organizational Development, Agile Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Agile Methodologies, Iso 9000, Fun At Work, Lean Software Development, Lecturing, Knowledge Sharing, PCMM, Business Process, Process Management, ICT, Software Engineering, Project Management, Management, Architecture, Training, Requirements Management, Analysis, Editing, Solution Focused, Open Space, Oplossingsgericht Werken, Conference Organization

  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
(2010 - 2010)
Software Engineering Institute (2006 - 2006)
Six Sigma Green Belt Level, Measuring for Performance-Driven Improvement, Lean Six Sigma
Open Universiteit Nederland (1990 - 1995)
Modules, Organisatie Verbetering, Kwaliteit, Sociologie, Psychologie, Marketing
Exin (1985 - 1990)
AMBI-88, Systeemontwikkeling
HTS Eindhoven (1980 - 1984)
Bachelor's degree, Electrotechniek, diversificatie computertechniek

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