Inschrijven voor Continu Verbeteren met Agile Workshop

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Workshop Continu Verbeteren met Agile Ben LindersEffectieve verbetering bereik je niet met een eenmalig verbetertraject. Het is een continu proces, in kleine stapjes op weg naar meer resultaten: kortere levertijden, hogere velocity of producten die beter voldoen aan de wensen van de gebruikers, met minder fouten. In de workshop Continu Verbeteren met Agile leer je hoe je het aan kunt pakken. Met praktische tips die zorgen voor tevreden klanten, stakeholders en medewerkers!

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Inschrijven voor Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives Workshop

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Workshop Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives Ben LindersRetrospectives helpen je om agile practices van b.v. XP, Scrum, Lean en Kanban effectief toe te passen en om continu te verbeteren in teams. De workshop Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives ondersteunt succesvolle agile transformaties op alle niveaus in organisaties.

Schrijf je nu in voor de workshop op 20 januari of 11 maart!

Wat leer je

  • Waarom en wat van Agile Retrospectives
  • Continu verbeteren mbv retrospectives
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Spice up your Agile Retrospectives

In the mini-workshop Experience new exercises to spice up your agile retrospective #RetroValue that I gave at Lean Kanban France teams experienced three different retrospectives exercises. They learned how retrospectives can help them to gain deeper insight in their situation and came up with actions to deal with problems and improve their performance. Continue reading

Guest blog: Retrospectives with Wordles

There is a danger with retrospectives that teams will end up just going through the motions and not use the valuable material to identify whether the actions agreed at the end of the retrospective are actually making an impact on the team’s capability to improve. Furthermore, the chances are that in a multi-team environment, there are common themes raised that if highlighted early, can aid a new team when starting up – learn from others misfortune! Following the Agile philosophy of transparency, here at the UK Ministry of Justice we have been using Wordles to really get the key messages across in a clear manner. Continue reading

Retrospective Exercise: Vital Few Actions

The aim of an agile retrospective is to define actions for the next iteration that will improve the way of working and help teams to deliver more value to their customers. This retrospective exercise can be used within agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe, XP or Kanban to have teams agree upon the vital few improvement actions that they will do. Continue reading

Waarom Agile?

Agile werken kan je helpen om organisatiedoelen te bereiken. Agile tot een doel verheffen werkt meestal niet, het doel is om resultaten te bereiken, niet om agile te worden. Het is belangrijk om goed te weten waarom je de agility van je organisatie wilt vergroten en wat je met een agile werkwijze verwacht te bereiken. Continue reading

Waarde leveren met Agile

Op 1 september organiseren Agile Holland en het Agile Consortium de meetup Real Agile Delivers Real Value . Tijdens dit event worden twee boeken gepresenteerd: This is Agile door auteur Sander Hoogendoorn en Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives door auteur Ben Linders. Het 1e Nederlandstalige boek over Agile Retrospectives kun je nu met korting kopen! Continue reading

Workshop Valuable Agile Retrospectives

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Agile RetrospectiveAdopting agile often doesn’t go as smoothly as expected in an organization. Becoming agile is a learning process which requires that you reflect regularly and adopt your way of working. Valuable Agile Retrospectives provide the solution for a successful agile adoption at all levels in the organization.

Retrospectives help you to apply agile practices effectively. With Retrospectives teams and their stakeholders can continuously improve themselves to deliver more value. Retrospective … Continue reading

A Management 3.0 Workout Summary in 15 Tweets

The book Management 3.0 workout by Jurgen Appelo provides many practices, games and tools that enable organizations to improve the way they manage themselves and how they treat and support their employees. Where Management 3.0 already provides the backgrounds and insights on better management, this new book gives concrete examples on how to implement it. Continue reading

We’re shipping: Valuable Agile Retrospectives on Amazon and Lulu!

I’m proud to annouce that the second edition of our successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives has been released. This edition is available in print via Amazon and Lulu and can be downloaded as eBook from InfoQ and Leanpub. It has also been translated into Dutch and published as Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives. Continue reading