Less is More with Retrospectives

The aim of agile retrospectives is to come up with improvement actions. Having too many actions from retrospectives makes it harder for teams to improve, it’s actually better to come up with less actions in stead of more in a retrospective. It’s quality over quantity for actions. Here’s some ideas on how to come up with less actions to get more done. Continue reading

Wat managers kunnen doen om agile en lean in te voeren

Ik zie regelmatig organisaties die besluiten dat ze agile en lean in willen voeren. Wat mij betreft een prima ontwikkeling, gezien de voordelen die een agile en lean werkwijze kan bieden. Waar het echter vaak mis gaat, is de manier waarop managers besluiten om agile en lean in te voeren: Top down, vooraf gepland, en met te weinig inbreng van de professionals. Dat moet en kan anders. Continue reading

Workshop Increasing Organizational Agility with Retrospectives at AgileEE (Kiev)

Workshop Increasing Organizational Agility with Retrospectives at AgileEE Kiev April 12 2016

In this workshop you will learn how to scale agile retrospectives, doing them with multiple teams from a project, product or organization, practice facilitation skills with different retrospective exercises, and learn how you can introduce and improve retrospectives. You will also learn to do agile self-assessments and readiness checks and to design and facilitate retrospectives that help organizations to increase their agility. Continue reading

Guest blog: 4 Reasons Why to Focus on Scrum for the Success of Distributed Teams

I met Hugo Messer a couple of years ago, when I connected with Bridge Global who started publishing guest posts from me. We talked about working with remote teams to find out that our thoughts on this are quite similar. In this guest post Hugo explores how Scrum can help distributed software development teams. Continue reading

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