A Management 3.0 Workout Summary in 15 Tweets

The book Management 3.0 workout by Jurgen Appelo provides many practices, games and tools that enable organizations to improve the way they manage themselves and how they treat and support their employees. Where Management 3.0 already provides the backgrounds and insights on better management, this new book gives concrete examples on how to implement it. Continue reading

We’re shipping: Valuable Agile Retrospectives on Amazon and Lulu!

I’m proud to annouce that the second edition of our successful book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives has been released. This edition is available in print via Amazon and Lulu and can be downloaded as eBook from InfoQ and Leanpub. It has also been translated into Dutch and published as Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives. Continue reading

Nieuw boek: Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives

Vandaag is het boek Waardevolle Agile Retrospectives gepubliceerd, het 1e Nederlandstalige boek met oefeningen voor Retrospectives. Het originele Engelstalige boek Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives wat in december 2013 gepubliceerd is wordt in veel talen vertaald. Vanaf vandaag kun je de Nederlandse uitgave downloaden via Leanpub. Continue reading

Agile Value Creation

Organizations want to have insight in the values that Agile can bring to them. They want to know if and how Agile can help to satisfy customer needs more quickly, and what they can do to increase productivity and reduce development and operations costs. It is important to know the value that Agile can deliver and to be able to measure it. At the event Impact and Value of Agile, organized by the Agile Consortium, I presented the State of Affairs in Agile Value creation. Continue reading

From 0 to 1000 in Five Months

In December 2013 we published Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives: a pocket book full of Retrospective Exercises. More than 1000 readers have downloaded this book in the first five months after publication from Leanpub and many more have downloaded it from InfoQ: there are 5000++ readers worldwide of our book on Valuable Agile Retrospectives. A big thanks to all of our readers! Continue reading

Designing Valuable Agile Retrospectives

As a retrospective facilitator it’s important to have a toolbox of retrospective exercises which you can use to design a retrospective. Before having a retrospective meeting, you want to prepare yourself by considering which exercises would be most suitable. That depends on the team, the situation at hand, and on what the team would like to work on. Here are some tips for designing valuable agile retrospectives that help addressing specific situations. Continue reading

Gastblog: “Ze” doen niet wat de bedoeling is, wat nu?

Veranderingen zijn volop gaande in zowat elke organisatie, van kleine veranderingen in werkwijzen tot aan meer fundamentele verandering in houding en gedrag. Dergelijke veranderingen vragen om een lerende organisatie, waar wenbaarheid en aanpassing aan nieuwe omstandigheden centraal staat. In deze gastblog laat Eveline Jansen zien wat leidinggevenden kunnen doen om hun mensen makkelijker door verandering te loodsen, door slim gebruik te maken van de werking van het brein.

Continue reading

We Want Agile Processes

There are organizations which think that Agile or Scrum can be the solution to solve all IT problems that they have. Senior management has decided that their whole organization has to become agile. To realize that they demand that all existing (waterfall) processes will be replaced by Agile processes. Even if they succeed to do that (which is often not the case) they are usually not getting the expected business benefits out of Agile. Replacing processes doesn’t make an organization Agile. Continue reading

Retrospectives for Teams with Multiple Customers

In an ideal world agile teams are working with one product owner or customer. But there are also teams which have more than one customer, maybe even multiple product owners. Due to that all the team members are often not working together on a daily base. Is it useful for such teams to do a retrospective together? How can they define actions that will be beneficial for the complete team? Continue reading

500 Leanpub Readers of Valuable Agile Retrospectives!

Our book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives has reached 500 readers on Leanpub. There are also many more readers that have downloaded our book from InfoQ. Readers have rated our book 4.6 out of 5 on Goodreads. A big THANKS to all of our readers from Leanpub and from InfoQ: having so many readers interested in doing Valuable Agile Retrospectives makes use very happy! Continue reading

Continu Verbeteren met Kanban en Retrospectives

Veel van mijn artikelen gaan over verbeteringen om sneller de juiste producten en diensten met goede kwaliteit aan klanten te leveren. Verbeteren doe je niet door een doel te stellen. Een CMMI niveau is geen effectief verbeterdoel. Wat wel werkt is regelmatig reflecteren en met de feedback continu verbeteren in kleine stapjes. Kanban en Retrospectives zijn effectieve manieren om dat te doen. Continue reading