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I deliver agile training and workshops, provide advice, facilitate games and exercises, and do professional coaching and mentoring for Tech Startups, IT Companies, Software Development Professionals, and Agile Teams all around the world.

My strength is sustainable improvement and agility. I can help you become more effective by together reflecting and exploring your way of working to increase the value that you deliver.

Agile Coaching Tools

I offer games, coaching cards, exercises, and other agile coaching tools that I use myself in my workshops and advice work as digital downloads. They are used by Agile Coaches, Scrum masters, facilitators, and consultants to coach professionals, teams, and organizations. Teams use them to self-reflect and improve their performance and increase the value that they deliver.

Training, Advice, Mentoring, and Coaching

I facilitate workshops, masterclasses, webinars, and other training sessions, both onsite and online. People gain new insights, try out different agile practices and techniques and learn how to apply them effectively in their own specific situations. I also give in-house workshops, which I tailor to your specific situation and needs.

My (remote) mentoring and coaching sessions are one-on-one intensive sessions on a topic of choice, providing just-in-time maximum value with limited time investment. I’m also available as an (online) independent facilitator for Agile Retrospectives, Self-assessments, Causal Analysis, Problem-solving, team building, etc.


I’m the author of many successful books on agile, quality, self-assessments, and problem-solving. My books are available on Amazon and other major bookstores, and in my webshop.

Workshops and Conferences

I give workshops on applying Agile using Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Agile Retrospectives, soft skills, communication and collaboration, and continuous improvement practices. I also frequently speak at tech and agile conferences: Keynotes, tutorials & workshops, mini-workshops, and regular talks.


I started my company in 2009 after a career of 25 years in software development, management, and consulting. My customers are Banks, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, Multimedia, Start-ups, Scale-ups, and Individual Professionals. Here are some of the companies that I work with.


I’m collecting feedback and testimonials on LinkedIn, Trustpilot, and on this website. This is what people say about my products and services.

From the 47 recommendations on LinkedIn, 25 recommendations are about the work that I have done as a one-person company since 2009. Here’s what people have to say:

Ben is a great trainer with a lot of powerful insights and a lot of experience. 

Ben came across as a highly approachable and experienced person who was presenting his own experiences through easy to follow, fun-filled exercises.

One of the most useful workshops I’ve been on.

Ben is very knowledgeable and highly experienced in Agile.

Especially for Product Owners and for Scrum Masters, this training will help you and your organisation evolve to the next level. Thank you, Ben!

I was still impressed by his vast knowledge, professionalism and genuine interest in understanding our pain points in order to tailor the course to address our specific needs.

I consider Ben as one of the very best Agile coaches in Holland and he did not disappoint us! 

Ben is a guy who is able to make complex stuff easy and down-to-earth. Due to his flexible attitude he is able to tailor his ideas to the specific needs of an organization.

I see concrete results of the added value of Ben in our organization.

I’ve received reviews from 24 customers on Trustpilot on my products and services, adding up to a score of 4.6 on a scale of 5. My customers are saying:

Great cards for self-diagnosing groups!

Whenever I was blocked with a problem I was able to find a solution in your content that you provide.

Products truly helped me navigate my first retrospective. I will continue using and checking back for supportive products.

Responsiveness was amazing. Team really liked activity.

I feel that after the training I’m ready and inspired to start using the game effectively to improve my team’s performance.

Great products for Agile Enablers….

Great games, agile simplified and really helpfull in coaching teams.

Mr. Linders does a great job taking care of whoever comes to him.

Ben is very unique as not only does he create great tools at reasonable prices, he also goes the extra mile, by allowing people to contact him directly for better understanding and mentoring.

Attended one of his tutorials & got the corresponding material for free.


Here are some of my recent publications.

  • How to facilitate discussions on culture

    Culture matters, but it’s hard to explore what the culture looks like in a company. This article shows how you can use these cards to facilitate discussions around your team or company culture.

  • Re-establishing Psychological Safety in Teams

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, trust and safety have taken a hit in our society. Bringing back psychological safety isn’t easy, but it can and should be done. 

  • How to manage agile teams: Things leaders can do

    The adoption of agile in organizations seems to confuse people on how to manage agile teams. Let’s explore some of the things that can help you as a leader or manager to work effectively with agile teams and make them flourish and grow.

  • How to Foster Culture Change to Increase Agility

    This article dives into organizational culture and provides a coaching “tool” to visualize and explore your culture and foster culture change.

  • The Agile Manifesto: What agile has brought us

    This third and final article in the series on the Agile Manifesto explores what agile has brought us. And I’ll share the third block of five manifesto authors, showing how they inspired me and what I have learned from them.

  • The Agile Manifesto: Why Agile Makes Sense

    In the second article in the series on the Agile Manifesto I show why agile makes sense. And I’ll share the second block of six manifesto authors, showing how they inspired me and what I have learned from them.

  • How to facilitate discussions on culture

    Culture matters, but it’s hard to explore what the culture looks like in a company. This article shows how you can use these cards to facilitate discussions around your team or company culture.

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