A Management 3.0 Workout Summary in 15 Tweets

Management 30 workoutThe book Management 3.0 workout by Jurgen Appelo provides many practices, games and tools that enable organizations to improve the way they manage themselves and how they treat and support their employees. Where Management 3.0 already provides the backgrounds and insights on better management, this new book gives concrete examples on how to implement it.

Note: This book is out of print. Jurgen Appelo released a new book Managing for Happiness which includes new chapters, exercises, and more.

I have done an interview with Jurgen about rewarding people and celebrating successes, result only work environments, delegation and coaching, and techniques for helping people to do their work better. You can read it on InfoQ: Q&A with Jurgen Appelo on Management 3.0 Workout.

Here’s a set of 15 quotes from the first eleven chapters of the book, which I also have tweeted using #mgnt30:

Treating employees like adult human beings might be common sense, but it is not common practice

… good management means taking care of the system, instead of manipulating people

The principle behind bringing the team coffee is that you’re trying to be a servant leader. So act like one

Rewards that trigger intrinsic motivation are more effective, more sustainable, and usually cost less money

… a system with distributed control has a better chance of survival than a system with centralized control

Employees subscribe to the purpose of the organization, while the organization recognizes the needs of employees

When you successfully develop your wish values, they could ultimately become your core values

We cannot educate employees. They can only educate themselves

You know there’s a problem when the word “policy” is needed to manage work in a sensible way

When we focus on results, we don’t need office policies

Trust is like money. It can take years to earn it and it takes only minutes to lose it

Creative workers should focus on trust first

Management’s responsibility is the coaching capability of the system, not the day-to-day implementation of it

In Appreciative Inquiry, the idea is to stop focusing on “what is wrong” and instead wonder about “what is possible”

We can make our questions more powerful by using why, how, and what instead of who, when, where, and which

Adopting agile isn’t only about the teams. Management als has to change to make it possible for teams to become self-organizing, to increase collaboration within the organization and to create a culture where feedback and continuous improvement become possible.

Management 3.0 practices can help organization to become more agile and lean to increase their business value. Implementing these practices is what brings value, and that is why I like the book Management 3.0 Workout. It’s a practical book, helping you to think and act. This book is a must read if you want your organization to change and improve in a sustainable way.

(this blog post was published on July 28 2014 and updated September 9 2014: Q&A with Jurgen added, updated October 23 2016, book replaced by Managing for Happiness).

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