Self-assessing Your Agility with the Agile Self-assessment Game

The Agile Self-Assessment Game is there to help you to increase your agility and deliver more value. Agile self-assessment help organizations and teams to assess how agile they are and decide what to do next to become more agile. Teams can play the Agile Self-assessment Game to reflect and agree on the next steps in their agile journey.

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Improving Collaboration

Collaboration is key to agile. If you want to reach results with agile, professionals throughout the organization should look for ways to work together intensively and effectively. Here are my tips for improving collaboration.

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Extreme Pairing Retrospective

Zoltán Ludányi, one of my customers for whom I did an in-house retrospective workshop, designed a retrospective exercise where team members pair up to discuss why, when and how to do specific agile practices. Purpose of the exercise is to involve minorities and introverts into the team's improvements and actions. Here it is: the Extreme Pairing Retrospective!

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Hoeveel verandering kan een organisatie aan

Organisaties kunnen maar in beperkte mate veranderingen aan. Sommige van de organisaties waarmee ik werk zijn zeer flexibel; ze passen zich continu aan aan nieuwe omstandigheden. In andere organisaties gaat verandering moeizaam gaat. Je gaat je dan afvragen hoe dat komt en hoeveel verandering een organisatie aan kan en wat je kunt doen om maximaal te veranderen en de organisatie niet te overladen.

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