Book: Apollo Root Cause Analysis

A New Way of Thinking

The purpose of this book is to share what the author has learned about effective problem solving by exposing the ineffectiveness of conventional wisdom and presenting a principle-based alternative called Apollo Root Cause Analysis that is robust, yet familiar and easy to understand. This book will change the way readers understand the world without changing their minds. One of the most common responses the author has received from his students of Apollo Root Cause Analysis is they have always thought this way, but did not know how to express it. Other students have reported a phenomenon where this material fundamentally "re-wires" their thinking, leading to a deeply profound understanding of our world. At the heart of this book is a new way of communicating that is revolutionizing the way people all around the world think, communicate, and make decisions together. Imagine a next decision-making meeting where everyone is in agreement with the causes of the problem and the effectiveness of the proposed corrective actions with no conflicts, arguments, or power politics! This is the promise of Apollo Root Cause Analysis.


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