Agile Coaching Tools for Virtual Teams

I’m updating my Agile Coaching Tools to support using them in virtual teams by adding images of coaching cards and playing elements. You can download all Agile Coaching Tools for a nominal fee in my webshop.

Agile coaching tools are games, exercises, and coaching cards that I have developed over the years. I use them in my onsite and virtual workshops and when coaching teams.

Remote agile coaching

A couple of years ago I started my own “agile scaling and digitalization” journey making my books, games, exercises, workshops and remote training, papers, and other agile coaching tools that I use myself in my workshops and advice work available to the world as digital downloads at And they come with free lifetime support personally by me.

Agile coaching tools consist of PDF files that you can print out to create the cards, games, and playing instructions. To enable using them for remote agile coaching and online game playing, I’m adding images of all individual cards and playing elements to the download packages.

Some of the agile coach tools that now support virtual teams are:

In the coming weeks, more agile coaching tools will be extended with images to support remote agile coaching and playing in virtual teams.

Updating your agile coaching tools

If you’ve previously bought one of my agile tools and want to use them in a remote or distributed setting, please contact me so that I can send you the additional files. Depending on what update is needed there might be a small fee or you might be entitled to a free update.

If you’re interested in using an agile coaching tool with a virtual team that hasn’t been updated yet, feel free to reach out to me to let me know. I can let you know when it will be updated, or supply you with the images to play it virtually.

I also love to hear back about how you played the games and how that has worked out for you. Please share your stories with me.

Free Lifetime Support

I want you to be successful, hence I provide Free Lifetime Support. This aims to help you to apply things that you learned in my workshops or advisory or coaching sessions, support you if there are questions while or after reading my books, in preparing or playing games, or when using any other product or service that I provide.

Free lifetime support removes excuses like “yeah, this looks nice, but it can’t be done”/ “won’t work in my situation” / “don’t know how to do this”/ “add your excuse”. You can do it, with a little help, and that is what I’m offering.


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