Being a 100% Agile Isn’t Agile

I have been interviewed by GrowIT regarding the talk that I’m giving about how to (not) manage teams at their Full Stack conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, on December 1 and 2.

In the interview, the organizers asked me why I wanted to speak at their conference and about the things that drive me and where I find my daily motivation. They also wanted to know if I live my life in an agile way:

Can you apply agile way of thinking to every aspect of your life?

Nothing is absolute, so the short answer to this question is no: Being a 100% agile isn’t agile. But yes, you can certainly call the way how I live my life agile.

I prefer to work directly with people and communicate frequently. I dare to share, and I’m open and honest about my intentions. In the things that I do I look for the value that I can add. I welcome change, will use new information that comes up to adjust what I’m doing. And I’m open to feedback to learn and improve continuously.

Read the full interview at GrowIT: Ben Linders: Being a 100% Agile Isn’t Agile.

How to (not) manage people

At GrowIT 2018 I will talk about Teams, what’s in it for me? – How to (not) manage teams:

Agile talks a lot about self-organized teams, where developers and testers work together to deliver software. But what can you do to make teams succeed?
Ben Linders will explore why you want to work in a team, the benefits that teams bring, and how to (not) manage teams.

  • What is an agile team (and what not)
  • Why would you as a developer want to work in a team, what’s in it for me
  • Which benefits do teams have for organizations, stakeholders, customers, etc
  • How to manage teams, the do’s and don’ts
  • How developers, managers, and business people, can effectively communicate and collaborate

Join me at the first GrowIT conference in Novi Sad, Serbia, on December 1 and 2.

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