Presentation on Nuggets for your Continuous Improvement Journey

I gave a talk about Nuggets for your Continuous Improvement Journey at the Agilia 2016 conference in Olomouc, Czech Republic, and a full day workshop on Valuable Agile Retrospectives that was very well received.

My view on agile innovation is a view of continuous improvement. To increase agility teams should deploy those practices they consider to be most suitable to serve the needs of their stakeholders and customers. This talk provides “nuggets”: practices, experiences, experiments and ideas that are based on doing improvement in software development organizations for more than 20 years.

In my presentation, which is based on the work that I do on Sustainable Improvement, I explored teams that took control of their agile journey, and teams that didn’t (and why they didn’t manage to do it). I shared experiences of how teams assessed how agile they are, and how they used retrospectives to reflect and decide upon actions to do things differently from now on, and how they executed those actions. How they influenced their managers to get what they needed to do their work better. How teams learned from each other.

The presentation that I gave at Agilia has been added to my presentations page and is also available on slideshare.

I also gave a well received workshop on Valuable Agile Retrospectives at the Agilia 2016 conference. Here’s one of the recommendations that I received:

“Thanks once again for a wonderful workshop! We have a lot of useful outputs which we are going to implement. And thanks for the free copy of your book about the retrospectives, now we are able to go through the topics once again and do the exercises in our company.”

Jakub Grós, Project Engineer at Honeywell

This workshop is given as public training, tutorial, and as private in-house workshop tailored to the specific situation and needs of your company. Contact me to discuss the possibilities!

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