Virtual Course: Continuous Improvement in Remote and Distributed Teams

I’m giving a new workshop Continuous Improvement in Remote and Distributed Teams as a virtual course on November 18 and 19, in collaboration with Agile Actors #learning. Book your seat at Agile Actors.

Continuous Improvement in Remote and Distributed Teams

This 8-hour virtual workshop helps teams explore the way that they are collaborating and communicating and to find ways to improve and become more effective as a remote or distributed team.

In the hands-on workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Define shared goals, values, and principles to work together in an effective way
  • Establish a culture where people respect and trust each other and are open and honest
  • Manage the balance between dependency and autonomy of team members at different locations
  • How to do agile self-assessments and remote retrospectives to reflect on the way of working
  • Define and execute actions to improve collaboration and communication
  • Improve using tools for collaboration and communications

Who should attend

This 8-hour workshop is intended for:

  • Agile coaches and change agents,
  • Team members of remote/distributed teams,
  • Team, product or project managers,
  • (Senior) managers,
  • Anybody involved in remote collaboration.

Agile Actors #learning

Agile Actors #learning is the Learning Ecosystem for the ambitious and talented tech professional. From setting meaningful personal goals to getting personal coaching, it helps you find your next career dot and deliver value to the real world.

We are helping Tech Professionals to combine theory with best practices as well as real-world experiences in order to grow and excel.

Our courses, developed by experienced Software Engineers, Testers, Agile Coaches focus on hands-on examples and projects to get you up to speed with any new technology, tool or methodology.

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