Non-verbal Exercises for Agile Retrospectives

Non-verbal exercises can be used in agile retrospectives to “hear” from introverts and involve people who find it difficult to speak up in groups. Earlier this year I attended a sessions at the Retrospective Facilitators Gathering 2016 where we explored different techniques and ideas that can be used in non-verbal exercises for Agile Retrospectives. Here’s what we came up with. More

Guest blog: Many Faces of Jack Sparrow – Agile Retrospective Exercise

Agile retrospectives can be done in many different way, the Many Faces of Jack Sparrow is one example how to do them. I love it when people design new exercises that help people to reflect and learn, specially those exercises that help to explore and discuss feelings in teams. Here’s a guest blog post on from Corey Scholefield and Selina McGinnis in which they share their experiences from doing a retrospective exercise called Many Faces of Jack Sparrow. More

Continue Verbetering met Agile

Silver bullets bestaan niet in softwareontwikkeling. Effectieve softwareteams bepalen zelf hoe ze hun werk doen, passen zich continu aan en verbeteren zichzelf. Continue verbetering is ingebed in de Agile-mindset en -principes en helpt zo om de flexibiliteit in bedrijven te verhogen en meer waarde te leveren. More

Having an independent facilitator for your agile retrospectives

To have an effective and valuable agile retrospective, you need to have an independent facilitator. A good facilitator that support the team in doing analysis, reflection and deciding on the actions. An independent facilitator doesn’t not have their own agenda of improvements, but is focused on helping the team decide on those actions that are best for the team. More

Should we do retrospectives when everything goes well?

A question I often get during my talks and workshops is if you need to do agile retrospectives if the team feels that everything is going well. Short answer is yes, improving yourself never stops. Let’s explore how you can do valuable agile retrospectives with teams where everything goes well. More

Does the Agile Manifesto need an update?

Since the manifesto for agile software development hasn’t changed since it’s publication in 2001, the question arises if the Agile Manifesto needs an update. I think it should be updated to reflect what has been accomplished with agile and to state what the software industry needs now. More

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