Dealing with Process Debt by Taking a First Agile Step

When you’re facing problems and feel that there’s no room for improvement, the situation will only get worse. You’re building up process debt, a debt that you will have to repay as soon as possible to prevent from going bankrupt. Let’s explore how you can deal with process debt by taking a first step on a journey of continuous improvement to increase your agility. More

New Book on Continuous Improvement

Cover_Continuous_ImprovementMy new book Continuous Improvement – Doing whatever helps to become better and thus more valuable is about increasing the awareness of continuous improvement and about how to improve in a sustainable way. It explores how improvement is engrained in agile, and provides suggestions that you can use in your daily work to improve continuously and increase your agility.

Continuous improvement is what makes agile work. It’s at the heart … More

Software Quality is Free

In 1980 Philip Crosby wrote the book Quality is Free. In the book he explained how investing time and energy in building the right products with good quality will save money and time. Many agile teams know how important software quality is, but they need to convince their managers and other stakeholders to get there. It will help them to self-organize and do their work in a good way. Let’s explore how you can sell that “quality is free” and build a business case for quality. More

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