Golden Rules

These rules help to understand the agile approach and to work together in a smooth, efficient and positive way. They are based upon principles from the Agile Manifesto, EVO, Open Space Technology, Solution Focused, Root Cause Analysis, and Retrospectives.

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Classify Retros

Retrospectives can have different purposes. A suggestion how you can classify retrospectives and pick appropriate exercises to make them more valuable for their teams.

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Project Retros

A retrospectives of retrospectives helps to improve collaboration between teams, increase their contributions in the project and to share learnings across projects.

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Open Space

Explicitly whether they would like to have a discussion about specific topics, and facilitating the discussion around those topics, can really help.

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Fly High

This exercise helps you to distinct between the team-level impediments and those that needed escalation to the next level.

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Vital Few Actions

This retrospective exercise can be used within agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe, XP or Kanban to have teams agree upon the vital few improvement actions that they will do.

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