Beyond Team

Retrospectives beyond the team level can be used to improve collaboration between teams and stakeholders. More

Start with Why

Know why you are doing the actions, which problems they will solve, and the benefits they will bring. More

Golden Rules

These rules help to understand the agile approach and to work together in a smooth, efficient and positive way. They are based upon principles from the Agile Manifesto, EVO, Open Space Technology, Solution Focused, Root Cause Analysis, and Retrospectives. More

1-word Retro

A 1 word retrospective is a technique that helps if a team is struggling with the way they collaborate, or if there are issues which are not dealt with. If deals with the feelings that team members have. More

Classify Retros

Retrospectives can have different purposes. A suggestion how you can classify retrospectives and pick appropriate exercises to make them more valuable for their teams. More

Solution Focused

You can continuously becoming better in the things that you are doing great by focusing on personal and team strengths with a strengths-based retrospective. More

Project Retros

A retrospectives of retrospectives helps to improve collaboration between teams, increase their contributions in the project and to share learnings across projects. More

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