Safety Check

At the start of an agile retrospective you can do a safety check by asking people to write down how safe they feel in the retrospective.

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Business Value

Getting actions out of a retrospective that are doable, and getting them done helps teams to learn and improve. An overview of things that you can use to get value out of your retrospectives.

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1-word Retro

A 1 word retrospective is a technique that helps if a team is struggling with the way they collaborate, or if there are issues which are not dealt with. If deals with the feelings that team members have.

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5 Times Why

The 5 times why retrospective uses root cause analysis to identify the deeper causes of problems, and define actions to stop them.

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Asking Why?

Asking why gives insight in peoples behavior and their feelings and motives that drive them, helps to find root causes of problems, and reveal the strengths that people have.

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Team Kudos

The most important thing is never to forget to appreciate and thank your team members for the ways they have helped each other.

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