Fly High

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

This exercise helps you to distinct between the team-level impediments and those that needed escalation to the next level.

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Vital Few Actions

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

This retrospective exercise can be used within agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe, XP or Kanban to have teams agree upon the vital few improvement actions that they will do.

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Perfection Game

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

The Perfection Game can be used as a retrospective exercise to quickly discover strengths and define effective improvement actions.

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Remote Retros

  • Post published:February 15, 2015

The dispersed team questions retrospective exercise is a variant of the questions-based retrospective for teams consisting of members working from different locations, for example team members working from home or working in different offices, countries or even continents.

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