Action Radiator

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

Having some sort of visual indicator of the action items, along with the people responsible for them, always helps the team stay focused.

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Team Kudos

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

The most important thing is never to forget to appreciate and thank your team members for the ways they have helped each other.

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Secret Box

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

With a secret box, team members can drop in their views and submit things they would want to discuss in the retrospective.

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Vital Few Actions

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

This retrospective exercise can be used within agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe, XP or Kanban to have teams agree upon the vital few improvement actions that they will do.

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Perfection Game

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

The Perfection Game can be used as a retrospective exercise to quickly discover strengths and define effective improvement actions.

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