Golden Rules

  • Post published:July 3, 2015

These rules help to understand the agile approach and to work together in a smooth, efficient and positive way. They are based upon principles from the Agile Manifesto, EVO, Open Space Technology, Solution Focused, Root Cause Analysis, and Retrospectives.

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Business Value

  • Post published:July 3, 2015

Getting actions out of a retrospective that are doable, and getting them done helps teams to learn and improve. An overview of things that you can use to get value out of your retrospectives.

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Asking Questions

  • Post published:July 3, 2015

Asking questions is a technique that is easy to learn, but the effectiveness depends on the questions that you ask to the team. Here are some suggestions.

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5 Times Why

  • Post published:February 27, 2015

The 5 times why retrospective uses root cause analysis to identify the deeper causes of problems, and define actions to stop them.

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Solution Focused

  • Post published:February 20, 2015

You can continuously becoming better in the things that you are doing great by focusing on personal and team strengths with a strengths-based retrospective.

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Project Retros

  • Post published:February 20, 2015

A retrospectives of retrospectives helps to improve collaboration between teams, increase their contributions in the project and to share learnings across projects.

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Team Kudos

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

The most important thing is never to forget to appreciate and thank your team members for the ways they have helped each other.

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Fly High

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

This exercise helps you to distinct between the team-level impediments and those that needed escalation to the next level.

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Vital Few Actions

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

This retrospective exercise can be used within agile frameworks like Scrum, SAFe, XP or Kanban to have teams agree upon the vital few improvement actions that they will do.

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Perfection Game

  • Post published:February 18, 2015

The Perfection Game can be used as a retrospective exercise to quickly discover strengths and define effective improvement actions.

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  • Post published:February 15, 2015

A futurespective exercise can help teams teams to find ways to reach their goals, agree upon their way of working and define a Definition of Done.

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Remote Retros

  • Post published:February 15, 2015

The dispersed team questions retrospective exercise is a variant of the questions-based retrospective for teams consisting of members working from different locations, for example team members working from home or working in different offices, countries or even continents.

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