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BenLinders SquareWelcome at Ben Linders Consulting! How can I help you?

I deliver services for Software Development, IT and R&D organizations and professionals all around the world, by helping them becoming more effective and efficient, and increase the business value that they deliver in their organization, and to their customers and stakeholders. (Voor Nederlands, zie mijn Diensten).

My strength is sustainable improvement: Helping people, teams, and organizations to get better at what they are doing and making changes stick so that they get lasting value.

My services consist of workshops, training, public speaking, webinars, writing, consultancy, advice, mentoring and (remote) coaching on:

Workshops, training, public speaking and webinars

I regularly provide workshops and training sessions and conference keynotes, talks, and tutorials (you can find the one’s that I’ve done in my past events and my publications). I also give webinars and provide coaching (on-site and remote).

I give private in-house workshops, which I tailor to the specific situation and needs of your company. These workshops help teams and organizations to increase their effectiveness and agility and to deliver more value. Contact me to discuss the possibilities!

Some examples of workshops and training that I do are:

I’m also an experienced organizer and facilitator of events, networks and meetups, an active member of several networks on Agile, Lean and Quality, and a frequent conference speaker (keynotes, tutorials, mini workshops and regular talks). See my presentations.

Contact me to talk about what I can do for you and your conference or organization.


Ben provided training for our Product Owners and Scrum Masters and it was a great experience for all involved. I was familiar with some of Ben’s publications prior to working with him, but I was still impressed by his vast knowledge, professionalism and genuine interest in understanding our pain points in order to tailor the course to address our specific needs. I would recommended Ben services, to any team that wants to genuinely improve.

Costa Constantinou, Software Engineering Manager at UTX Technologies LTD

As part of the agile transformation my client is in right now, we invited Ben to inspire us with an engaging session. I consider Ben as one of the very best Agile coaches in Holland and he did not disappoint us! He understands his audience and translates the agile/scrum theory with such an ease to a client specific context. His style of presentating is very enjoyable and it doesn’t matter for Ben to talk at big conferences or for smaller audiences (60 people); he connects with the people and shares so much knowledge and experience. After the session a lot of people were discussing and smiling. I would recommend Ben to everybody!

It doesn’t matter if you are starting with Agile or have scaled your enterprise to work in an Agile way; Ben can help you in every stage of your agile journey!

Freek van Gool, Java consultant/Owner at Unboxed/Javafreek

I have known Ben Linders for many years and more recently had the pleasure of working closely with him to organise three co-located conferences in Netherlands focused on software development and process improvement. Ben has been fantastic collaborator in the event – his deep knowledge of the subject matter, latest trends and the marketplace in general is impressive and it is clear he has a genuine passion for better process improvement. Ben is one of the first people we contacted with the idea of holding conferences in mainland Europe – right from the start he was an invaluable source of sound advice; always open and willing to share his thoughts and ideas, culminating in him chairing the Process Improvement conference, presenting and leading the experts panel. Ben is a super guy to work with and I highly recommend him.

Alec McCutcheon, Owner / Director at UNICOM Seminars Ltd organisers

Consultancy, advice, mentoring and coaching

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I have a broad international experience in agile, lean, quality and process improvement and organizational development, as a coach/mentor, change (project) manager, quality manager, trainer, auditor,and adviser. Based on this I work with organizations as adviser, coach and mentor (both on-site and remote).

Below you can find links to the stories which show what I do and how I do it. I use storytelling as a way of sharing my experience with my readers (see about this website). Since my blog is bilingual, some stories are English,  others are Dutch.

Contact me to talk about what I can do for you and your organization.


I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ben for our unit’s quality improvement initiative, and I’m glad to recommend the commendable work Ben has done towards it. Right from the initial kick-off phase till the end and during the follow up phase, Ben’s approach and deliverables are top notch. The way the assignment was handled per the contract and the deliverables were really satisfactory and the PDM method adopted also brought in good results in terms of visualization and also to act on the issues. This also set the base on handling potential future bugs. To summarize, Ben’s work and the PDM are value addition towards the improvement initiative we’ve had towards quality control. Looking forward to work with you again.

Ravi Chandran
General Manager at Ericsson India Global Services

From 2004 till 2007 I have already been working with Ben in the Ericsson Software Development Organization. I see him as a very experienced person in the field of process management and quality assurance. For that the reason I was glad to offer him a contract in the organization where I am currently working. Ben is a guy who is able to make complex stuff easy and down-to-earth. Due to his flexible attitude he is able to tailor his ideas to the specific needs of an organization. It has always been a pleasure working with Ben.

Niek van der Corput
Sector Ontwikkeling at Politie-ICT

Apply agile software development and management practices

By having applied Agile, Lean, CMMI and other frameworks, I have practiced a broad spectrum of solutions which can improve the way you develop your software, and manage it. I have helped organizations with:

Implement continuous improvement in the delivery chain

Improving an organization never stop, it’s a journey. How do you start it, decide where to go, and reap the benefits along the way? Solutions that I have done for organizations are:

Measure, analyze & improve quality of products and services

You want to increase the quality of software products and lower maintenance costs? Reduce the number of defects, and manage your technical debt? I have implemented quality programs in smaller and larger organization:

Improve how professionals collaborate and communicate

To get products developed and delivered, professionals have to collaborate in teams, and between teams.  And develop effective ways to coordinate their work, and communicate. I have helped organizations with:

Enable professional development, create a learning organization

It’s all about people, the professionals that make the teams and organizations. Setting the right conditions to reflect and learn:

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