Agile Retrospectives Bingo

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Agile Retrospectives Bingo

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7.99 (Excl. VAT)

The Agile Retrospectives Bingo is a game to identify and discuss unproductive behavior in retrospective meetings, improve communication and collaboration, and make agile retrospectives more valuable.

For agile teams, Scrum masters, agile coaches, and consultants leading agile transformations.

Creative Commons LicenseThe Agile Retrospective Bingo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Format: PDF files with bingo cards, role cards, and playing suggestions
Language: English

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The Agile Retrospectives Bingo can be used by teams and organizations to improve their retrospectives. It’s a game that helps them to identify and discuss unproductive behavior in retrospective meetings. With the Agile Retrospectives Bingo, teams can improve their communication and collaboration in retrospectives, making their agile retrospectives more valuable.

The Agile Retrospectives Bingo consists of ten bingo cards listing unproductive behavior like “blaming management”, “ignoring what is said”, and “bragging”. Additionally, there are nine role cards describing the way people may behave in retrospective meetings.

Playing with the bingo and role cards enables teams to reflect on their way of working and agree what behavior they would like to see changed in their retrospective meetings. It helps them to discover how they are doing and what they can do in their retrospectives to become better in continuous improvement and deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders.

Agile coaches use the Agile Retrospectives Bingo in agile transformations to coach teams in retrospectives and help them learn how to change habits to communicate and work together more effectively.

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1 review for Agile Retrospectives Bingo

  1. Christine Murray (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of your Retrospective Bingo cards… I purchased and use them often – when coaching LEADERSHIP – what a whoo (joy) they have been to use in my coaching practice.

    • Ben Linders

      Thanks Christine, happy to see that you use the cards so often!

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