What Drives Quality – 1st edition (eBook)

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With plenty of ideas, suggestions, and practical cases on software quality, this book will help you to improve the quality of your software and to deliver high-quality products to your users and satisfy the needs of your customers and stakeholders.

Author: Ben Linders
eBook (PDF)
1st edition
116 pagina’s
Self Published
September 30, 2017

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The book What Drives Quality explores how quality plays a role in all of the software development activities. It takes a deep dive into quality by listing the relevant factors of development and management activities that drive the quality of software products. It provides a lean approach to quality by analyzing the full development chain from customer requests to delivering products to users.

The book is intended for software developers and testers, architects, Product Owners, agile coaches, Scrum masters, project managers, and operational and senior managers who consider quality to be important.

The book is also available in paperback format: What Drives Quality -1st edition (Paperback)

Note: This is the 1st edition of What Drives Quality. A 2nd edition of the book is in progress. Until it’s released you can only buy What Drives Quality- 2nd edition on Leanpub.

About the book

The book starts by explaining what driving quality is all about. Next, it describes factors that drive quality in software activities done by development teams and explains what senior managers, operational managers, and project managers can do to support teams in pursuing quality.

Practices based on the quality factors are described in each section, with suggestions on how to apply them. The aim is to help you to improve the quality of the products that you deliver to your customers and end users.

The book provides stories and case studies showing how the quality of software products can be improved. They are based on my experience working with teams and managers, helping them to face and solve quality issues, and improve their performance for sustainable and lasting results.

A small but powerful book which, just like my successful first book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives, provides many ideas, suggestions, and examples that you can use in your daily work.

From the Foreword

This book is a succinct summary of what we know about software quality and how to apply it. It can be read in “agile time”, and delivers a solid overview that can set readers on course to higher quality, lower risk software. This book is a valuable contribution to professional software engineering practice. Half of the book is devoted to agile quality techniques. Ben’s objective is to make sure the speed of delivery is matched by the speed of assurance.
Bill Curtis, Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality

What Drives Quality by Ben Linders provides an extremely valuable perception to its readers on how to deal with the development process, verification and validation activities in contemporary software development processes. Localizing and applying the practices discussed by Ben will significantly add to the level of maturity that is needed to ensure software quality in your own organization. This book a must-read for every software professional!
Jan van Moll, Senior Forensic Investigator, Head of Quality & Regulatory at Philips Healthcare

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4 reviews for What Drives Quality – 1st edition (eBook)

  1. Shirly Ronen-Harel, Co-Founder & Agile / DevOps Coach – WeChange

    I like the fact that, finally, requirements practices are recognized in the book as part of quality. As an agile coach I give a lot of attention to them. And of course, the concept of the team as described in the book, which is an important driver for quality. i will recommend the book for sure.

  2. William R. Corcoran, Editor of the Firebird Forum

    What Drives Quality was a delight to read. It flows well. It is about a lot more than software quality, touching on many of the ideas that have been tried and true for quality in general. Ben Linders has a charming style of writing that is both challenging and thought provoking. I recommend the book for anyone who wants to achieve quality or wants to avoid being the victim of self-inflicted or other quality issues.

  3. Shane Hastie, Director of Agile Learning Programs at ICAgile

    Ben’s book is a reflection of his deep knowledge and experience helping teams and organisations identify what quality is in software, why it matters and how to optimise the right qualities for a product. He explores how quality is impacted by the organisational processes and from the perspective of the individual contributor, and gives concrete, tangible advice on how to make better products which meet customer needs effectively. He does this in an entertaining and interesting writing style.

  4. Shiv Sivaguru, Advisor and Coach at PM Power Consulting (verified owner)

    Congratulations on putting together a veritable index of various resources related to understanding aspects that drive quality in a software development lifecycle. This is a must-read for all persons contributing to the development or enhancement of software.

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