Impediments Board Game by Ben Linders - Product coverImpediments Board Game by Ben Linders - Product cover

Impediment Board Game

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Learn how to recognize impediments, explore ways for dealing with them, and improve your impediment handling skills.

For agile teams, Tech leads, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, project or line managers, consultants, and anyone involved in or working with agile teams.

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Format: PDF files with information about the game,  boards, and cards for playing the game
Language: English

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Updated: Added images of all cards and game elements to enable playing the game with virtual teams.

The Impediment Board Game (PDF download) can be used by teams to learn how to collaboratively recognize and deal with impediments and improve their impediment handling skills. It uses concepts from gamification to create an environment where teams practice recognizing and analyzing impediments. By discussing impediments they increase their understanding about how they hinder the team, and learn to decide what can be done and who can take appropriate action by deploying agile and lean principles and good practices.

An agile way of working doesn’t guarantee that there will be no problems. Most probably there will be; working in an agile way will make them surface and become visible. Agile teams need skills to deal with impediments to be effective and be able to work together to deliver and satisfy the needs of their customers and stakeholders. This game helps teams to develop those skills.

Playing the Impediment Board Game enables teams to reflect on how they deal with impediments and agree what they would like to do differently to become more effective. One possibility is to play this game in agile retrospectives when teams want to become better in handling impediments.

Agile coaches use the Impediment Board Game in agile transformations to coach teams and help them to become self-organized and empowered to solve any impediments that they might face on their agile journey.

The Impediment Board Game consists of:

  • Game board
  • Actions board
  • Impediment Cards
  • Change Cards


Note: The Impediment Board Game includes the same cards (PDF format) as the Impediment Coaching Cards; a deck of 79 cards with statements that I hear from people working in or with agile teams. The statements on these cards are signals of potential problems;  impediments as agile calls them. If you buy the Board Game and the Coaching Cards you will receive two copies of the PDF cards file, but with different playing formats/suggestions.

Here’s the video of the workshop Problem? What Problem at Agile ME 2019 in Dubai where teams played the Impediment Board Game.



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2 reviews for Impediment Board Game

  1. Wajih Aslam

    I have attended Ben’s workshop about Impediments at Agile Middle East 2019 in Dubai. Ben has an amazing style of explaining and convincing the people through his workshop’s board game. The Impediment board Game is a great source of realizing for self organizing teams that actual way of dealing with impediment is to face it as a team. The team learns how to deal with their work related impediments and avoids waiting for someone outside the team to resolve for them, which actually is never going to happen.

  2. Kamil Puk

    The best Agile Coaches I know master their analytical, critical, and system thinking skills constantly. Ben’s Impediment Board Game visualizes the value of those skills in an unintrusive, and approachable way. Highly recommended!

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