Impediment Coaching CardsImpediment Coaching Cards

Impediment Coaching Cards

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The Impediment Cards can be used by teams and organizations to improve impediment handling skills.

For agile teams, Tech leads, Scrum masters, Agile coaches, project or line managers, consultants, and anyone involved in or working with agile teams.

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Format: PDF files with images for 79 cards and playing suggestion
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The Impediment Coaching Cards (PDF download) can be used by teams and organizations to improve their impediment handling skills and learn how to apply agile practices effectively. With the Impediment Coaching Cards, you can practice how to recognize and analyze impediments, understand how they can hinder your team, and decide what can be done and who can take appropriate action by deploying agile and lean principles and good practices.

Note: There’s also a board game variant that includes the same Impediment Cards from this product: The Impediment Board Game. If you buy the Board Game and the Coaching Cards you will receive two copies of the PDF cards file, but with different playing formats/suggestions.

The deck consists of 79 cards with statements often made by people working in or with agile teams. These statements are signals of potential problems;  impediments as agile calls them. Discussing the statements helps people to become better in recognizing potential problems and learn about impediments and their impact.

Playing with the impediment cards enables teams to reflect on their way of working and agree what behavior they would like to see changed in their team. It helps them to discover how they are doing and what they can do to improve how they deal with impediments. Consider them to be a kind of problem-solving cards, an agile coaching tool for increasing your agility.

Agile coaches use the Impediment Coaching Cards in agile transformations to coach teams and help them to become self-organized and empowered to solve any impediments that they might face on their agile journey.

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