CMMI V1.3 Process Areas

The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a proven framework for improving software development and management. A wealth of knowledge and experience is available on how to deploy the CMMI effectively, stand-alone or in combination with Agile or Lean. This page provides an overview of the process areas in the different CMMI models, and resources for deploying the CMMI. Usage of these resources is encouraged, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Becoming Agile

Short-Cycled Improvement
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Available resources for CMMI Deployment:

CMMI V1.3 Process Areas

CatagoryCoreMaturity LevelProcess Area CMMI DEVProcess Area CMMI SVCProcess Area ACQ
Process ManagementYes3Organizational Process Definition (OPD)Organizational Process Definition (OPD)Organizational Process Definition (OPD)
Process ManagementYes3Organizational Process Focus (OPF)Organizational Process Focus (OPF)Organizational Process Focus (OPF)
Process ManagementYes3Organizational Training (OT)Organizational Training (OT)Organizational Training (OT)
Process ManagementYes4Organizational Process Performance (OPP)Organizational Process Performance (OPP)Organizational Process Performance (OPP)
Process ManagementYes5Organizational Performance Management (OPM)Organizational Performance Management (OPM)Organizational Performance Management (OPM)
Project and Work ManagementYes2Requirements Management (REQM)Requirements Management (REQM)Requirements Management (REQM)
Project and Work ManagementYes2Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)Work Monitoring and Control (WMC)Project Monitoring and Control (PMC)
Project and Work ManagementYes2Project Planning (PP)Work Planning (WP)Project Planning (PP)
Project and Work ManagementYes3Integrated Project Management (IPM)Integrated Work Management (IWM)Integrated Project Management (IPM)
Project and Work ManagementYes3Risk Management (RSKM)Risk Management (RSKM)Risk Management (RSKM)
Project and Work ManagementYes4Quantitative Project Management (QPM)Quantitative Work Management (QWM)Quantitative Project Management (QPM)
SupportYes2Configuration Management (CM)Configuration Management (CM)Configuration Management (CM)
SupportYes2Measurement and Analysis (MA)Measurement and Analysis (MA)Measurement and Analysis (MA)
SupportYes2Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)Process and Product Quality Assurance (PPQA)
SupportYes3Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)Decision Analysis and Resolution (DAR)
SupportYes5Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR)
Acquisition Engineering2Acquisition Requirements Development (ARD)
Acquisition Engineering3Acquisition Technical Management (ATM)
Acquisition Engineering3Acquisition Validation (AVAL)
Acquisition Engineering3Acquisition Verification (AVER)
Engineering3Product Integration (PI)
Engineering3Requirements Development (RD)
Engineering3Technical Solution (TS)
Engineering3Validation (VAL)
Engineering3Verification (VER)
Project (and Work) Management2Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)Supplier Agreement Management (SAM)
Project and Work Management3Capacity and Availability Management (CAM)
Project and Work Management3Service Continuity (SCON)
Project and Work Management2Agreement Management (AM)
Project and Work Management2Solicitation and Supplier Agreement Development (SSAD)
Service Establishment and Delivery2Service Delivery (SD)
Service Establishment and Delivery3Incident Resolution and Prevention (IRP)
Service Establishment and Delivery3Service System Development (SSD)
Service Establishment and Delivery3Service System Transition (SST)
Service Establishment and Delivery3Strategic Service Management (STSM)

Combining Agile and CMMI

One major change in CMMI V1.3 is the addition of agile. The many elaborations on agile help you to recognize an agile implementation of a process area. If you use the CMMI as an improvement model, then the agile additions are helpful but not sufficient to implement agile practices into an organization.

The People CMM roadmap for implementing agile helps organizations to establish and improve their workforce, and assure that the right conditions are established for Agile teams to excel their performance.

Additional information on combining Agile and CMMI can be found in:

External resources on Agile and CMMI

The Agile Self-Assessment Game

agile-self-assessment-game-by-ben-lindersThe Agile Self-Assessment Game can be used by teams and organizations to self assess their agility. Playing the game enables teams to reflect on their own team interworking and agree upon the next steps for their agile journey. With this game they can discover how agile they are and what they can do to increase their agility to deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders.

This game is fully compatible with the CMMI and can be used by Agile CMMI organizations.

Additional Information on CMMI V1.3

The following resources are available to deploy the CMMI effectively:

Support for specific CMMI process Areas

For additional publications and presentations on (CMMI) Process Improvement, see the complete list of publications (downloads!).

CMMI V1.3 Process Areas, last updated September 19, 2016.

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  1. David Kresheck says:

    Your Process Areas Table needs some updating.  You have ”
    Service Establishment and Delivery” 
    PAs listed under CMMI-Dev instead of Services.  you should also combine the Project/Work Management with the Project Management categories so PAs like Risk Management are grouped together as CORE PAs.  It’s a good concept that just needs some corrections and tweaking.

  2. vijay says:

    can you provide me the template relating to cmmi v1.3 dev

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