On the website benlinders.com I share my experiences with effective software development and management practices. It’s a personal weblog, opinions expressed are mine alone and not those of any (former) employer and/or customer.

I’m always interested to learn and get better in what I do. Feedback is crucial to do that.

You can contact me to let me know what you think of this website and sent me suggestions on how to improve it.

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  1. Bill Wilson

    Hi Ben,

    I’ve spent some time surfing around your website content related to Root Cause Analysis, and I like it. I’m adding a link to it from my Root Cause Analysis Resources page at

    I hope you’ll stop by sometime; I’ve got a lot of RCA info that complements yours pretty well.


  2. BenLinders

    Thanks Bill for your kind words.

    I’ve taken a look at your “RCA wiki”, there is a lot of useful stuff there. I have include it on my Tools page.

    Ben Linders

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