I frequently give training and presentations and write articles for magazines and websites (see also my services page). Below you can find links to my workshops, key-notes, articles, presentations, conferences, lectures, webinars, templates, examples, papers, research reports, tutorials, interviews, book reviews and much more. Most of them can be downloaded!

My publications

If you find something on my website that helps you, great: Feel free to use it! The only thing I ask is to include a reference to my website. I would appreciate it if you let me know how it helped you, maybe by sharing your experiences on this website.

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You can subscribe to this website, to get an email when new articles are posted. Your email address is safe with me, and will never be shared. It is also possible to read this website via feeds. You can follow me on TwitterFacebook or Google+, or connect with me on LinkedIn, Feel free to contact me if you have questions, or want to share your experiences!

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  1. Vu Hai

    Thanks for your sharing.
    Vu Hai
    From Vietnam

    1. BenLinders

      Thanks Vu!

      There will be new additions to this list of publications soon. Feel free to use what is available, and please share how it has helped you with the other readers of this website.

  2. Norbert DuBois

    I’m new to this, but have been published in newspapers & magazines years ago. At what website could I find all or almost all of my publications ??

    Norbert DuBois

    1. BenLinders

      My publications are mostly available on my website, but some are published elsewhere, that is why I keep a list of publications.

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