articles-ben-lindersHere’s an overview of the books that I wrote (available in my webshop) and a list of articles by me published in (online) magazines, blogs, etc.

The list also includes article/product releases and updates to books authored by me and chapters contributed to my books by other authors.

My Books

My first book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives published in 2014 has become a best-seller. It has been translated in many languages by teams all around the world.

Since then I’ve released two more books: What Drives Quality – 1st edition in 2018 and The Agile Self-assessment Game in 2019. I’m wrote a book about dealing with impediments, released in 2020, called Problem? What Problem? I also published a booklet on Root Cause Analysis and a first draft of the book Continuous Improvement.

All of my books are available in my webshop and in many (online) bookstores.

2019 and onward

I contributed the chapter An Application Fit for Use to the book The Essential Guide to Building Analytic Applications.

Please see the news section for further announcements of article & book publications (too many of them to manually copy them here).


The book Work Together Anywhere by Lisette Sutherland contains several quotes from me.

The 2018 InfoQ Editors’ Recommended Reading List: Part One

Gast blog voor Agile Scrum Group: Verbeter de Samenwerking tussen Product Owners en Teams met Agile en Lean

Scrum coaching kaarten voor Agile Zelfevaluaties

Guest blog for Instant agenda: Agile Retrospectives Give Power To The Team

What Drives Quality: Toward a Second Edition

Book Tips from the Trenches – Scrummaster

Play the Agile Self-assessment Game in Czech, Polish, Spanish, or French

Agile Self-assessment Game in Spanish released

Updated expansion packages for Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, and Business Agility

New playing suggestions and improved card format for the Agile Self-assessment Game

Agile Zelfevaluatie kaarten: V1.0 uitgebracht

Added Gamification and Playing Suggestions to the Agile Self-assessment Game

New book: The Agile Self-assessment Game

New version of the Scrum Expansion Pack supports Scrum Guide 2017

Greek book on retrospectives released: Αποκομίζοντας αξία από τα Agile Retrospectives

Agile Self-assessment Game in Czech released


Agile Zelfevaluatie Kaarten beschikbaar voor download

V2.2 of Agile Self-assessment Game released

Kanban Cards Pack Released

Business Agility Pack for Agile Self-assessment Game

DevOps Expansion Pack for Agile Self-assessment Game

Polish edition of Agile Self-Assessment Game Published

Published my 2nd book: What Drives Quality

Playing a Game to Self-assess Your Agility

How teams increase their agility with agile retrospectives on Apiumhub

V2.1 of Agile Self-assessment Game released

French paperback of my Agile Retrospectives book released on Amazon

Self-assessing your Agility on Scrum Expert

Agile Self-assessment Game: V2.0 released

Czech edition Jak zvýšit přínos agilních retrospektiv released

Version 1.3 of Agile Self-assessment Game released

French edition of Agile Self-Assessment Game Published


Article in DZone Guide to Software Development Lifecycle

Co-auteur van een hoofdstuk over retrospectives in Agile in de Echte Wereld

My contribution to Distributed Agile Best Practices

Vietnamese edition of Valuable Agile Retrospectives book released

Why do you want to become agile translated in German

Continue Verbetering met Agile in Bits&Chips

Trello Board with Retrospective Techniques

Delivering quality software with Agile

Chapter on Agile added to What Drives Quality

Chapter on Sustainable Pace added to Continuous Improvement eBook


Nieuw boek: Agile in de echte wereld


Establishing a Sustainable Pace (July 30, 2014)

Valuable Agile Retrospectives: How to Do Them? (March 25, 2014)

Self-Assessing How Agile You Are (February 28, 2014)


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