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articles-ben-lindersHere’s a list of articles by me published in (online) magazines, blogs, etc. It also includes books authored by me and chapters contributed to books.


My contibution to Distributed Agile Best Practices

Vietnamese edition of Valuable Agile Retrospectives book released

Why do you want to become agile in German

Continue Verbetering met Agile in Bits&Chips

Trello Board with Retrospective Techniques

Delivering quality software with Agile

Chapter on Agile added to What Drives Quality

Chapter on Sustainable Pace added to Continuous Improvement eBook


Nieuw boek: Agile in de echte wereld


Establishing a Sustainable Pace (July 30, 2014)

Valuable Agile Retrospectives: How to Do Them? (March 25, 2014)

Self-Assessing How Agile You Are (February 28, 2014)


My Books

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