Interviews Ben LindersHere’s a collection of interviews that have been done with me over the years.

I’ve been interviewed by Stefan Wolpers for Agile Movers & Shakers by AgeOfProduct: The Agile Movers & Shakers Interview with Ben Linders.

Shintu Manuel interviewed me: How does agile add value to your business.

Tom Cagley did a podcast on my new book: SPaMCAST 538 – Agile Self-assessment Game, An Interview with Ben Linders

Dierk Söllner did a podcast with me for DevOpsDE: Folge #16: Agile Self Assessment.

I was interviewed by GrowIT: Ben Linders: Being a 100% Agile Isn’t Agile

Len Epp from Leanpub interviewed me for frontmatter: Ben Linders – Author of What Drives Quality

I was interviewed by Ravi Kumar for his podcasts series with product rockstars “Yours Productly”: Ben Linders on What Drives Quality in a Product

Tom Cagley did a podcast on my new book: SPaMCAST 470 – Ben Linders, What Drives Quality

Shane Hastie interviewed me on my new book: Q&A on the Book What Drives Quality

I have been interviewed by Noopur Pathak from Innovation Roots: Interview with Ben Linders on who inspired him to go agile

I joined the roundtable at the Lean IT Summit in Paris

The first Agile Greece Summit did an interview with me: Ben Linders on Agile Retrospectives

I was interviewed by International best practice on Agile Retrospectives

I did three interviews with Tom Cagley:

podcast_badge.Vasco Duarte invited me to his Scrum Master Toolbox Podcasts:

InfoQ interviewed me at the QCon London 2015: Ben Linders on Retrospectives and Helping Teams Improve

I was interviewed by Lisette Sutherland for collaboration Superpowers on Writing a book remotely

Unicom interviewed me on Better Ways to do Process Improvement

Noel Wurst from Skytap ask me about Staying Agile with Retrospectives

Feel free to contact me if you want to do an interview with me, or if you are interested in consultancy or training by me.

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 Ben Linders

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