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Guest Blog Ben LindersDo you want to write about how you are applying Agile, Lean, Retrospectives, Kanban, or Continuous Improvement in software development? Share your experiences from developing software with thousands of readers and increase your visibility and network? Get feedback on your ideas? Practice your writing skills? Reach out to the (agile) world? Get all this by publishing a guest post or sponsored post on!

Guest Post

The purpose of a guest post is to share experience, not to promote yourself or your services. Guest blog posts are articles from practitioners in software development or management all around the world about interesting topics in Agile and Lean software development.

My readers look for things that they can use in their daily work. They want to read about things that people learned, new practices and techniques and how they are applied, what worked and what didn’t, and why. Posts on aim to give them something that gets them thinking and going.

Some of the topics that readers from are interested to read about are organizational and culture change, adopting Agile, Lean, Kanban, or DevOps, new books on software development, agile retrospectives, continuous improvement, software quality and personal development.

Here are the guidelines for blog posts (guest and sponsored):

  • The topic of your post should be about software development and has to be relevant for this website: Agile, Lean, Retrospectives, Kanban, Continuous Improvement, or a topic that’s strongly related to this.
  • Post should be written towards software developers, their managers / tech leads, Scrum masters, agile coaches, or consultants working with software development companies.
  • Post content should be actionable and/or thought provoking, include things that the above mentioned professionals can use in their daily work.
  • In the post I expect you to share your experience as a practitioner. Please include examples, suggestions, personal anecdotes, learnings, etc.
  • Size of the blog post should be 600-1000 words.
  • Post should not include abusive or offensive language or images.
  • Post should not promote your business or services.
  • Please include your name in the post. Post will be published under a person’s name, not company name.
  • Post can include one link to the author’s or company website, LinkedIn profile, Twitter name, etc.
  • As this is a bilingual blog posts should be written in English or Dutch.

Sponsored post

The rules for sponsored posts are the same as mentioned above for guest posts: I only publish posts that are on-topic and actionable and/or thought provoking, posts which my readers will appreciate. Post which look unsuitable to me will be rejected.

In a sponsored post it’s allowed to mention a product or service, but my suggestion is to not make it sound too promotional as you will scare away your readers.

Sponsored posts are marked with the text “Sponsored”. They will include the name of the company which sponsored the post with a link to their website.

Packages are available to share the sponsored post in social media, contact me for details.

Please note that I do not write sponsored content, I only publish it. Your proposal for a sponsored post will be reviewed and copy-edited before publication.

Next to sponsored posts it is also possible to have a sponsored page on These pages are suited to promote tools, services, or products related to Agile and Lean software development.

Contact me if you are interested in publishing sponsored content on

Submit your post

You can submit your post through this form. I will review the post and copy-edit it where needed before publication. I will also add a short introduction and a paragraph at the end with my personal view on the topic to put the post into perspective.

Promotional posts will be rejected, as will posts which link to websites that are mainly promotional or not related to the scope/topics of

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Published posts

Many authors have written for Here you can see a list with the blog posts written by guest authors.

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions about having your guest blog post published on, or if there’s anything else that you would like to discuss.

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