Does the Agile Manifesto need an update?

Since the manifesto for agile software development hasn’t changed since it’s publication in 2001, the question arises if the Agile Manifesto needs an update. I think it should be updated to reflect what has been accomplished with agile and to state what the software industry needs now. Continue reading

Building a New Team Using Retrospectives Exercises

Building a new team can be challenging. People have to learn and get to know each other, and agree upon how they will be collaborating as a team. Retrospective exercises can be used for chartering teams, to define shared goals, agree upon the way of working, and start off properly. Continue reading

Workshops on Agile Retrospectives in Q4-2016

Agile Retrospectives How Often

I’m giving training sessions, workshops, and masterclasses on Agile Retrospectives in Athens, Kaunas and Kladno in the fourth quarter of 2016. These are part of the successful Valuable Agile Retrospectives Program and based on my bestseller Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives. Tickets are available, get yours now before they sell out! Continue reading

Why do you want to become agile?

Becoming agile can help to achieve organizational goals. But setting agile as a goal for an organization does not work. The goal for a software organization should be to achieve results by delivering valuable products and services, not to become agile. Hence my question: do you know why do you want to become agile? Continue reading

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