Book: Fail to Learn

A Manifesto for Training Gamification

There are two simple reasons your learners aren't engaged or performing well:

1. You don't let them fail, and

2. You don't let them play

Combine these two elements and you upend nearly a century of outdated and ineffective teaching conventions. The learning revolution starts with this manifesto...and with you.

Fail to Learn is a guidebook for how to bring fail-forward thinking and game-centered course design to any educational setting. You’ll find instructional tips, tools, and exercises alongside the latest research in pedagogy and gamification.

Whether you’re teaching a class on the side or leading a corporate L&D team, Fail to Learn is the only book you’ll need to make your next training a success. You will:

  • Compare your ratios of failure and play to world experts and innovators
  • Analyze failure-based courses that quadrupled success rates in just 30 minutes
  • Get a template for designing game-based courses from the ground up
  • Conquer your own fear of failure when it comes to learning something new

Written by an award-winning gamification trainer, Fail to Learn is your pocket reference for raising the satisfaction and skills of students everywhere.

Published: June 13, 2020

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