Book: It’s all upside down

What I've learned about software development and why it seems opposite to everything I was taught

This book provides true software development stories that may challenge long held thinking. It highlights 26 upside down principles along with upside down principle clarifying thoughts. At the end of each story you will find extended clarifying thoughts in the summary sections. I also highlight 18 coaching tips that can help you get your organization "right side up" with respect to performance.

If you are wondering if a book that highlights coaching tips is for you, it is. I believe everyone in an organization should view themselves as a coach. In order to help coaches everywhere, in Part II I have framed the highlighted principles and coaching tips that have materialized from my stories within a framework I like to use called Essence. I find Essence to be a remarkably straightforward medium for communicating software development practices and fostering collaboration, even among non-technical stakeholders.

If you have not heard of Essence yet, you have probably heard of the foundation from which it evolved, which I explain further in Part II. I explain in the introduction how Essence relates to my stories and coaching tips. If you choose to read Part II, I think you will agree that Essence is quite useful for capturing and describing these lessons, tips and best practices.


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