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BenLindersMijn kracht is om in een korte tijd een effectieve aanpak te kiezen en samen met alle betrokkenen toe te passen. Dat kan een agile en lean aanpak zijn, maar ook een procesgerichte aanpak met b.v. het CMMI of People CMM.

Ik heb een diepe en brede ervaring in verbetering van software organisaties, projecten, en teams. In samenwerking met medewerkers en managers heb ik kleinere en grotere veranderingen geïntroduceerd en geborgd in organisaties.


Mijn manier van samenwerken levert snellere resultaten, meer betrokkenheid van medewerkers en managers, en zorgt voor geborgde blijvende verandering. Opdrachten die onder meer uitgevoerd zijn:

  • Verbetering van samenwerking tussen product owners en (remote) agile teams
  • Agile implementatie in een programma met Business en Development teams
  • People CMM Workshops en HRM / Management assessment
  • Opsplitsen groot team in twee zelf-organiserende agile teams
  • Coachen Agile teams, Product Owner & Program Manager in gebruik van Scrum, zelfsturing, retrospectives
  • Advies mbt Agile & CMMI, SWEBOK, Agile Retrospectives
  • Implementatie Root Cause Analyse en kwaliteitsmetingen tbv kwaliteitsverbetering

Ben je op zoek naar oplossingen om sneller software producten te leveren aan je klanten? Producten met een goede kwaliteit die beter voldoen aan de behoeften van je klanten? Tegen lagere kosten, met gemotiveerde en gedreven medewerkers? Neem dan contact met mij op!


From 2004 till 2007 I have already been working with Ben in the Ericsson Software Development Organization. I see him as a very experienced person in the field of process management and quality assurance. For that the reason I was glad to offer him a contract in the organization where I am currently working. Ben is a guy who is able to make complex stuff easy and down-to-earth. Due to his flexible attitude he is able to tailor his ideas to the specific needs of an organization. It has always been a pleasure working with Ben.

Niek van der Corput, Sector Ontwikkeling at Politie-ICT

Ben has a wide knowledge base on what quality is for software development and he is very good in translating the theory into practices for your project.

Marc Verschueren, Manager at ASML

As part of the agile transformation my client is in right now, we invited Ben to inspire us with an engaging session. I consider Ben as one of the very best Agile coaches in Holland and he did not disappoint us! He understands his audience and translates the agile/scrum theory with such an ease to a client specific context. His style of presentating is very enjoyable and it doesn’t matter for Ben to talk at big conferences or for smaller audiences (60 people); he connects with the people and shares so much knowledge and experience. After the session a lot of people were discussing and smiling. I would recommend Ben to everybody!

It doesn’t matter if you are starting with Agile or have scaled your enterprise to work in an Agile way; Ben can help you in every stage of your agile journey!

Freek van Gool, Java consultant/Owner at Unboxed/Javafreek

I have been working with Ben since 2009 when we established the Dutch SPIder People CMM group.
Ben’s process improvement passion and knowledge – emphasizing the people aspects – greatly contributed to the success of the People CMM working group and network.

In 2012 we delivered a People CMM workshop at a large insurance company, followed by a baseline maturity assessment in 2013. I greatly enjoyed Ben’s professionalism, passion for quality and teaming.
I strongly recommend Ben’s capabilities to anyone looking for process improvement and organizational development.

Herman van Dellen, IT Specialist Profession Leader for IBM Europe


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Ben Linders
Ben Linders Consulting
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