Mini-workshop Retrospecting your Retrospectives at eXperience Agile 2020

Oriente Museum Doca de Alcantara Norte, Av. Brasília 1350-352, Lisbon

The mini-workshop Retrospecting your Retrospectives at eXperience Agile 2020 provides you with ideas to debug your agile retrospectives, find out why they aren't working and learn how to spice them up and bring the energy back in the team.

Agile Tour London 2020


I'm returning to Agile Tour London to do a mini-workshop titled How Agile are You? Join me to play the Agile Self-assessment Game online on October 21, 2020.

Agile Testing Days 2020

Dorint Sanssouci Berlin/Potsdam Jägerallee 20, Potsdam

I'm returning to Agile Testing Days to do the mini-workshop Share and Learn with the Agile Testing Coaching Cards. I'm also doing a full-day workshop Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices on November 9.

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