Psychological Safety cards Ben Linders product coverPsychological Safety cards Ben Linders product cover

Psychological Safety Cards

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With over 60 Psychological Safety Cards, the deck provides a profound and extensive set of phrases that cover many aspects of psychological safety from an individual, team, and organizational perspective. This makes them a powerful and flexible “tool” for experienced facilitators that possess knowledge of psychological safety.

For facilitators, Agile coaches, consultants, trainers, Scrum masters, leaders, and managers.

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  • PDF and jpeg files with 62 cards
  • Examples and ideas for playing with the cards

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The Psychological Safety Cards can be used to visualize, discuss, self-assess, and improve psychological safety inside teams and increase team morale. They enable exploring factors that influence psychological safety in an engaged and safe way and can help to create a shared understanding of safety.

This pack consists of cards with statements about psychological safety, like “We engage fully with one another and don’t shy away from respectful conflict”, “For me and my team, mistakes are learning opportunities”, and “I can be fully honest and open with the people around me”. The phrases on the cards help people to learn about the safety in their team or (part of the) organization. They can be used to explore, understand, and investigate psychological safety.

With the cards you can facilitate discussions about the values, behavior, opinions, and beliefs that underlie psychological safety in a team, department, organization, etc. Such discussions are essential to foster healthy collaboration and effective teamwork.

These cards are an Agile Coaching Tool for facilitators, Agile coaches, consultants, trainers, Scrum masters, leaders, and managers; basically anyone who is involved in helping people and organizations perform better.

The cards have been developed by Ben Linders and Fabio Armani and have been reviewed by people from the worldwide agile community.

These cards have been translated to:

Dutch: Psychologische Veiligheid Kaarten

Italian: Carte per la Sicurezza Psicologica

Version history:

  • V0.8x First public release (after try-out at Aginext 2021)


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