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Gastblogs zijn artikelen van diverse schrijvers, waarin ze schrijven over Agile, Lean en Continue Verbetering. Interesse om een gastblog te publiceren op benlinders.com? Neem dan contact met mij op!

Guest blog: Help Scrum and Agile Teams Improve

Many agile coaches are looking for new innovative ways to help Scrum and Agile teams improve. They want to coach teams in a way that they can discover how they are doing and come up with ideas to become better and deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders. The Agile Self-Assessment Game is a tool that helps them to do that. Andreas Schliep, Executive Partner at DasScrumTeam AG shared his experiences playing this game. More

Guest blog: How to estimate for web development projects

If you offer web development services then you are aware of the challenges faced when trying to keep a project in scope. Here’s a guest blog with lots of ideas on how to estimate a web application project by Thanh Pham, CEO of a Vietnamese software development outsourcing company. More

Guest blog: Many Faces of Jack Sparrow – Agile Retrospective Exercise

Agile retrospectives can be done in many different way, the Many Faces of Jack Sparrow is one example how to do them. I love it when people design new exercises that help people to reflect and learn, specially those exercises that help to explore and discuss feelings in teams. Here’s a guest blog post on BenLinders.com from Corey Scholefield and Selina McGinnis in which they share their experiences from doing a retrospective exercise called Many Faces of Jack Sparrow. More

Guest Blog: Cognition … what’s it all about?

In this guest blog post on BenLinders.com Andrew Mawson from Advanced Workplace Associates talks about their ongoing research on cognition. The aim of that research is to provide guidelines that help knowledge workers do the right things to maximise their cognitive performance. More

Guest blog: 4 Reasons to Focus on Scrum for the Success of Distributed Teams

I met Hugo Messer a couple of years ago, when I connected with Bridge Global who started publishing guest posts from me. We talked about working with remote teams to find out that our thoughts on this are quite similar. In this guest post Hugo explores how Scrum can help distributed software development teams. More

Guest blog: Retrospective Doughnut! A fun way to measure team’s response to Retrospectives.

Retrospective Doughnuts can be used to make the adoption rate of retrospectives and the value that they deliver visible. This support organizations in using retrospectives to establish a routine feedback loop leading to continuous improvement. A guest blog post from Mukyul Vyas. More

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