November Online Workshops on Problem-solving, Agility, and Retrospectives

In November I'll be giving three online workshops: Problem Solving with Agile Thinking and Practices, Self-assessing your Agility, and Facilitating Remote Retrospectives. I'm also doing several public courses with partners. These are all small-group interactive workshops where you'll learn by practicing. Book your seat now!

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March Agile Training Week

I'm giving three online interactive workshops on developing products in remote teams, problem-solving, and increasing agility, in the last week of March. You can sign up for any combination of these workshops. Contact me via email to buy a combi-ticket for 2 or 3 workshops with 25% or 40% discount!

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Trust by Default

In this article, I will show how trust by default works for me and what benefits trusting people from the start has brought me. It's my piece of thought leadership on trust, and my way of doing penance for my agile sins from the past.

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