Book: Kanban Compass

In the direction of team-driven change

Welcome to where missed deadlines, blaming others, overloaded systems, disappointed stakeholders, firefighting, and a superhero work culture is just business as usual.

Join the quest of learning and discover how STATIK (Systems Thinking Approach to Implementing Kanban), TBR (Training from the Back of the Room), and Accelerated Learning can assist you while introducing Kanban to tired teams.

This book will take you through:

- a story about an anti-Kanban team and their system discovery process,
- an introduction to the basic concepts of Training from the Back of the Room (TBR) and Systems Thinking Approach to Introducing Kanban (STATIK),
- a step by step guide on how to design or redesign workshops to maximize learning opportunities for attendees.

Start your Kanban adventure now. Take your time and use your newly gained knowledge to cope with your training challenges.

Is Kanban Compass for me?

It depends. If you ever:

- worked with a tired team,
- tried to implement Kanban into an organization,
- felt that everything in your Agile coaching, training or consulting let you down,
- heard about STATIK, but you never had actionable ideas where to start,
- read about Training from the Back of the Room, but didn't think that it will be useful in an Agile environment,
- never designed a training,
- or designed too many training and you feel that you've tried everything,

Kanban Compass is your answer!

Kanban Compass is a useful read not only for Kanban professionals but also for Agile practitioners who are coaching, training and leading tired teams.

Published: July 26, 2020

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