Book: Retrospectives for everyone

Powerful metaphors for effective retrospectives

Metaphors from our day-to-day life can throw new perspectives when juxtaposed with professional or personal experiences. What seemingly looks like a mundane chore can give great insights with interesting and innovative improvisations. The author, a committed technologist, makes this brave and successful attempt to explain retrospectives using contexts from day-to-day life with suitable graphic representations for ease of understanding.

The book focuses on 'retrospectives' as a platform for teams as well as individuals to reflect and improve. She strongly advocates that, regardless of the industry, teams need to have an experimental mindset to continuously learn and adapt. Thus, reflecting on diversified areas such as work-life balance, goals, team collaboration, product development, process, technology, delivery, or targets is an ongoing process that happens either explicitly or implicitly.

The book highlights the need for teams and individuals to come out of their comfort zones and think out-of-the box, while staying in sync with their individual and organization's goals. Illustrations shown in the book can be customized according to organizational or individual aspirations.

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