Book: Right to Left

The digital leader's guide to Lean and Agile

Do you see in digital technology the opportunity to meet customer needs more effectively? Do you recognise that this may have profound implications for how your organisation should work? Do you want to help bring that about? Regardless of whether you consider yourself a technologist, if your answer to those questions is “yes”, you are what we refer to in this book as a _digital leader._ If you can see yourself as a digital leader, aspire to be one, or think that sometime soon you might need to become one, then this book is for you.

Or perhaps you’re here primarily to feed an existing interest in Lean and Agile. Whatever your current level of knowledge, this book is for you too, especially if you’re interested also in organisation design and leadership. You will find here both an accessible guide to the Lean-Agile landscape and through the Right to Left metaphor a helpfully challenging perspective on it. The book’s digital scope might not coincide exactly with yours, but it’s rich with authentic examples not only of Lean-Agile practice but of right-to-left (needs-based and outcome-oriented) thinking too.

Topics covered in Right to Left, all viewed through a lens that puts needs and outcomes ahead of solutions:

• Lean, Agile, and Lean-Agile
• Key frameworks – team-level, scale-independent, and scaled
• Governance and strategy
• Leadership and organisation

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