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Workshop Improving Organizational Agility at XA2021

October 4, 2021 - October 7, 2021


I’m giving my workshop Improving Organizational Agility at the Experience Agile week (XA2021) as a three-day online workshop. Book your seat at eXperience Agile.

Improving Organizational Agility

In the workshop Improving Organizational Agility, you will learn how to apply agile practices throughout your organization to develop the right products and deliver faster with better quality to serve your customers!

This is an online interactive workshop where you will practice and experiment in small groups to learn techniques and gain insights on how your organization can become more agile:

  • Practice how to create a psychologically safe environment that enables teams and empowers people to apply agile practices.
  • Learn ways to establish an agile mindset and adopt flexible and effective ways of working throughout the organization.
  • Create a culture that supports collaboration, and which motivates people to work together to create high-quality products and services.

The workshop is loaded with games, exercises, examples, and suggestions to help you increase your agility.

Many organizations are going through agile transformations. They are implementing Scrum or Kanban and using large-scale agile frameworks like Lean, SAFe, LeSS or DAD, hoping to better serve the IT needs of the business and to develop products that satisfy their customer’s needs. Unfortunately, many of those transformations do not always live up to the agile promise of delivering better products, faster, at lower costs.

Improving organizational agility isn’t easy. But it can be done!

If your organization is:

  • having difficulties adjusting itself to shorten delivery times
  • having products with quality issues and is losing customers
  • doing an agile/Scrum/Kanban transformation but not seeing the expected benefits
  • unable to remove barriers that are blocking cross-organizational collaboration
  • trying to adopt agile but finding it hard to change the culture and mindset
  • looking for ways to apply agile practices more effectively and needs help with that
  • not able to improve in small but meaningful steps
  • on an agile journey but unsure where to go next or what would be the best thing to do

then this is the workshop for you!

Learning Objectives

What will you get out of this workshop?

  • Practice how to assess your agility with Agile Self-assessments to find out how well you are doing
  • Explore how to establish an agile culture using Culture Cards and Psychological Safety Coaching Cards
  • Learn effective ways to travel your agile journey and find out what you need to do this
  • Get ideas for improving collaboration and communication between teams and stakeholders and break down barriers
  • Learn tips and tricks to expand and scale an agile way of working throughout the organization
  • Get advice on selecting and applying agile and lean practices effectively

You also receive

  • Online Course materials
  • The Agile Thinkers Academy attendance certificate
  • The Agile Thinkers Academy Community channel
  • The eXperience Agile Community channels


This workshop is intended for:

  • Agile and Lean Coaches
  • Technical (team) leaders and Scrum masters
  • Agile Consultants and Change Managers
  • Product Owners, Project Managers and other Managers/Leaders
  • Anybody who is supporting teams in agile transformations

The practices in this workshop will help you to apply agile methods and frameworks effectively to increase organizational agility.


“The workshop Getting More out of Agile and Lean was really interesting. I specially liked the product owner and team exercise, the impediment game and the 1-word retrospective that we did. I learned when and how I can use them in my daily work.”

Bill Souliotis – Manager Software Research & Development Graphics User Interface at BETA CAE Systems

“I’d like to thank you again for your excellent workshop. It was fun and I already started using some of the ideas with my team. The change is definitely notable.”

Liran Ben-Porat, qSpark LTD

“Nice to join a workshop in which the attendees and teacher actually have profound hands-on experience with agile.”

“Immersive, good choice of subjects, well led.”

“A lot of examples.”

“Good useful interactions and learning from other participants.”

Attendees from the GOTO Amsterdam workshop

“I attended Ben’s workshop in Athens (Getting More out of Agile and Lean) and I can highly recommend it to all professionals that are serious about Scrum and about applying agile processes in real-world problems of software development. Especially for Product Owners and for Scrum Masters, this training will help you and your organisation evolve to the next level. Thank you, Ben!”

Konstantinos Vasileiou – Certified Product Owner | Senior Business Analyst





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