Corporate Edition for Agile Self-assessment Game

My successful Agile Self-assessment Game is now available in a Corporate Edition: Increase your organizational agility with this game that helps you in deciding which agile practices your teams want to apply, improve, or abandon.

The corporate edition consists of the basic Agile cards and expansions for Scrum, DevOps, Kanban, and Business Agility, playing suggestions and experience stories, multi-team license, kick-off training, and Free Lifetime Support. You get all of this in one buy for a reduced price!

Company wide-license

Instead of a personal license, the corporate edition grants the company a license to have the game played within the company by multiple facilitators (up to 10 facilitators).

The license to play belongs to the company, so the company can freely transfer licenses within the company. If one of the persons that facilitated playing the game leaves it is allowed to let another facilitator step in and play the game.

Kick-off Training

The Corporate Edition includes the Kick-off Training: A one-hour instructor-led remote workshop to play the Agile Self-assessment Game: Learn how to create the cards, prepare a game and play it with your teams.

After buying this corporate edition you will be contacted by me to plan the kick-off training and arrange everything.

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  1. Jim

    no demo before you play?

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