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As a reader and also a customer of you may want to know what happens with the information that you are providing to me. Here’s how I handle data and assure your privacy.


It’s not my business to “collect data” but just as all companies I need information to deliver value to my customers (which includes everyone who reads stuff on this website).

This is how I treat privacy on

  • Information that you supply on my website or by any other means is used to communicate with you, ship and invoice products you order in my webshop, and/or provide a service like giving an (in-house) workshop, coaching, or advice.
  • When you have a question about any personal data that I have on you or about what I do with the data, or if you want to correct data, or have it deleted, please contact me.
  • Data is kept in a secure way. I take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to data. As is a sole proprietary company, I (Ben Linders) am the only person who can view, edit, and delete data.
  • Data is not shared with third parties, except when required to provide a specific service to you. Examples of such services are payment handling (PayPal, Amazon pay, Stripe payments, or Mollie payments), shipping (PostNL or other package delivery companies), and mailings (Mailchimp).
  • I also work with third parties to provide a better service to you. Examples are website hosting (MijnDomein), analytics (Google analytics), backups (Dropbox), and spam prevention (Akismet).

If there’s anything missing or if something is unclear, please reach out and let me know!

General Data Protection Regulation

Nothing has changed regarding privacy on when the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became active, as I already was using opt-in for sending information, only asked for data if there was a clear need, and treated data carefully.

Which is why I haven’t sent you emails about GDPR or asked you to confirm your description to my newsletters – but I guess you didn’t really miss my email ;-).

The only difference is that the way that I handle data has now been documented using clear and easy to read language. Which is what GDPR requires, so ok, I did change something.

I’ve added the above text to my privacy policy.

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