What Drives Quality: Resilient software design, mob programming, and coaching cards

I’m updating and expanding my successful second book What Drives Quality. Three sections have been added: Resilient software design, mob programming, and quality coaching cards.

If you buy the book now on Leanpub you will automatically get all updates toward the second edition for free. So don’t wait too long, get your copy now!

Leanpub: What Drives Quality

Second Edition

In my book What Drives Quality, I take a deep dive into software quality with practical solutions for delivering high-quality products. It’s intended for software developers and testers, architects, product owners, and managers, agile coaches, Scrum masters, project managers, and operational and senior managers.

The second edition includes many new practices and experience stories. The book has grown already from 117 to 184 pages, a more than 50% increase.

Agile Quality Coaching Cards

A new coaching tool has been released to help you bring the tips and user experiences contained in the book into practice: The Agile Quality Coaching cards.

These cards can be used to improve the quality of software products and services. It’s a deck of coaching cards based on the content of What Drives Quality, created specifically for the readers of this book.

The cards can be downloaded in my webshop. Registered readers of What Drives Quality get a discount on the cards. If you haven’t registered your book, I suggest do it now using the form on the What Drives Quality book landing page.

Feedback on What Drives Quality

Have you read What Drives Quality? I’d like to receive your feedback to further update the book and release the second edition.

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