Summary of Agendashift in 15 tweets

The book AgendaShift explores how to apply lean and agile principles for lasting change in organizations. Mike Burrows defined Agendashift which is an inclusive, non-prescriptive, values-based, and outcome-centric approach to continuous transformation supported by online, workshop, and coaching tools. More

Summary of Agile Engagement in 15 Tweets

In the book Agile Engagement Santiago Jaramillo and Todd Richardson describe a framework that business leaders can use to improve engagement of the people working at their organization. They explain why employees can be disengaged and show how you can measure and drive engagement in organizations. More

To become agile managers must think agile

Many agile transformations are still failing. The main reason that I see is that agile is not adopted at the top: the mindset and culture doesn’t change which inhibits agile adoption in the whole organization. We need agile thinking managers, and we need them now! More

Retrospective Actions: Start with Why

Getting retrospective actions done can be challenging. To assure that your actions get done my advice is to start with why. Know why you are doing the actions, which problems they will solve, and the benefits they will bring. More

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