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I help organizations with effective software development and management practices. Active member of several networks on Agile, Lean and Quality, and a frequent speaker and writer.

Hoeveel verandering kan een organisatie aan

Organisaties kunnen maar in beperkte mate veranderingen aan. Sommige van de organisaties waarmee ik werk zijn zeer flexibel; ze passen zich continu aan aan nieuwe omstandigheden. In andere organisaties gaat verandering moeizaam gaat. Je gaat je dan afvragen hoe dat komt en hoeveel verandering een organisatie aan kan en wat je kunt doen om maximaal te veranderen en de organisatie niet te overladen. More

Summary of Sense and Respond in 15 Tweets

The book Sense and Respond is about listening to customers, using experimentation, and learning to build great products. It shows how an agile mindset can be applied throughout organizations, both by business managers and developers, to create a digital business. More

Futurespective: Building Awesome Products

What if you need to deliver the best possible software products? High quality products that do everything that your users need in a great way, products that your users will love? Here’s a futurespective exercise that you can use in your agile retrospectives if your teams wants to build awesome products. More

State of Practice in Agile Retrospectives

The annual agile retrospective report describes the state of practice in agile retrospectives. Let’s explore some of the conclusions from the 2017 report to understand how retrospectives are currently being done and the value that they bring. More

How I Started with Agile

What do you do when you get a project that’s been going on for a long time and hasn’t delivered value? This is the story on how my team and I collaborated with our customer on my first project, doing agile when the Agile Manifesto wasn’t invented yet, to deliver high quality software. More

Agile veranderen: Prioriteren en flexibel inspelen op kansen

Een agile veranderaarpak helpt je om in kleine stapjes te verbeteren, waarbij je prioriteiten gebruikt om die veranderingen te doen die het meeste opleveren en onderweg kansen grijpt om je impact te vergroten. Het manifest voor agile veranderen helpt organisaties om hun agility te verhogen: Blijvende verbetering van de resultaten, tevreden klanten, en blije medewerkers. More

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