Book: Agile Reflections

Musings Toward Becoming "Seriously Agile" in Software Development

Agile Reflections began as a collection of blog posts from several series I've written from 2009 to 2012. As I looked back on the content, I saw some very compelling stories that, if updated and integrated into a cohesive volume, might add even more value to agile teams trying to increase their maturity and effectiveness.

There are five sections to the book:

1. Beginnings— the art of the start; how to effectively begin your agile teams and projects

2. Execution— where the rubber meets the road I suppose…guidance around effectively iterating

3. Customer— the why and what behind agile teams; who drives the value and who you deliver to

4. Mindset— you can easily ‘say’ you’re agile, but are you really?

5. Leadership— yes, we need ‘stinkin’ leadership. I think more so in agile teams than many believe

I hope you find some value in the pages (physical or virtual) of this book. I want to think it will help you to become Seriously Agile.

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