Book: Becoming a Catalyst

Scrum Master Edition: Using Everyday Interactions to Accelerate Culture Change

The Scrum Master, often misunderstood and underutilized, is a role filled with great opportunity and promise. Organizations around the world are introducing Agile values and principles to improve the culture of their workforce and their responsiveness in an ever-demanding marketplace. Sadly, many are not achieving the results promised. While everyone will need to play a part in bringing transformational change to an organization, this book specifically addresses how Scrum Masters can influence and accelerate culture change.

In Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition, we will delve into the uniqueness of this role. We outline how, when combined with the motivation to become a powerful yet subtle force, Scrum Masters can participate in shaping a positive workplace environment. Your company may be at the beginning of a transition to Agile methodologies or maybe it has been at it for a while. Perhaps your company is not trying to change at all but regardless of your situation this book will explain how you can make an impact.

Perhaps you have recently decided to become a Scrum Master. You are familiar with the expectations of the role found in the Scrum Guide or through a training class. Maybe you are currently a project manager curious about Agile and how to transition to become a Scrum Master. Perhaps you have just become a Certified Scrum Master and want to know how to take what you have learned and make a difference in your organization beyond process mechanics. Perhaps you have been a Scrum Master for a while and are looking to improve on what has been working. Or maybe you have found that your own energy, morale, and motivation have been diminished and are looking for ways to find your passion again.

Becoming a Catalyst: Scrum Master Edition will motivate you to live the role of a Scrum Master to the fullest, encourage and energize you to become a force for positive change, mentor and teach you as you develop personal mastery in the role, and keep you healthy, vibrant, and dynamic along the way.


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