Book: Tes: The Team Engagement Strategy

Unleashing the Power of Adaptive Teams

You get called into a meeting. The senior executives have decided to make a course correction in their strategy. You are asked to bring down cost, increase efficiency, and improve quality. You will not have increased financial resources, a data analyst, or new hires. You have heard of multiple change management methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean, Emergent and Agile but they seem a bit too complicated and perhaps more than you really need for the task at hand.

What do you do?

You read this book. We think we can help! More specifically, we think TES can help. TES takes elements from the most effective change management and organizational design theories of the modern era and simplifies them while adding a few new ideas. The result is a streamlined, efficient tool that teams can use without any prior training, additional resources or for that matter, C-suite involvement. Over and over again we saw our teams rise to the occasion and deliver results that had escaped them in the past, sometimes for years. And then continue to improve! We describe one such success story in excruciating detail in this book with the idea that it will answer any question that might arise when you implement TES with your team.

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